Jeroen Bakker fda65ad5ca GPU: Renderdoc Frame Capturing
This PR uses renderdoc for frame capturing when enabled.
It enabled an easier workflow for frame capturing.

- Capture GPU API calls from test cases
- Capture GPU API calls from background threads
- Capture GPU API calls from background rendering.

Renderdoc is an important GPU debugger used by the Eevee/
Viewport module. Previously we needed to change code in
order to record background rendering, that could on its own
lead to other side-effects.

The integration with renderdoc can be enabled using
`WITH_RENDERDOC=On` compiler option. `GPU_debug_capture_begin`
and `GPU_debug_capture_end` can be added to the section
of the code you want to debug. When running Blender inside
renderdoc this part will automatically be captured.

All GPU test cases are now guarded by these calls. In order
to capture the test cases you need to start the test cases
from renderdoc and the captured GPU API calls will appear
where each capture is a single test case.

Pull Request: blender/blender#105921
2023-03-23 16:37:52 +01:00


Project: Renderdoc APP
License: MIT
Upstream version: d47e79ae079783935b8857d6a1730440eafb0b38
Local modifications: None