Campbell Barton c434782e3a File headers: SPDX License migration
Use a shorter/simpler license convention, stops the header taking so
much space.

Follow the SPDX license specification:

- C/C++/objc/objc++
- Python
- Shell Scripts
- CMake, GNUmakefile

While most of the source tree has been included

- `./extern/` was left out.
- `./intern/cycles` & `./intern/atomic` are also excluded because they
  use different header conventions.

doc/license/SPDX-license-identifiers.txt has been added to list SPDX all
used identifiers.

See P2788 for the script that automated these edits.

Reviewed By: brecht, mont29, sergey

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This is the new refactored version of Bullet physics library version 2.x

Questions? mail blender at, or check the bf-blender mailing list.

Apply patches/blender.patch to fix a few build errors and warnings and dd original
vertex access for BMesh convex hull operator.

Documentation is available at: