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Blender Add-ons

Add-ons used by the Blender Studio pipeline. Download the latest addons releases from the table below. To review or report issues visit the Blender-Studio-Pipeline issues board.

Add-on Description Version Checksum
Anim Cupboard Miscellaneous tools for animators. v0.0.2 SHA256
Asset Pipeline Manages the Asset Pipeline, used by Modeling, Shading and Rigging departments. v0.1.1 SHA256
Blender Kitsu Enforce conventions, build shots, manage production files and update data on kitsu server. v0.1.1 SHA256
Blender SVN UI for the SVN (Subversion) file versioning system. v0.2.1 SHA256
Blender Gizmos Attempt to prototype a system for using meshes for the manipulation of armatures. v0.0.2 SHA256
Cache Manager Streamline the Alembic cache workflow of assets. v0.2.1 SHA256
Contact Sheet Create a contactsheet from sequence editor strips. v0.1.1 SHA256
Easy Weights Quality of life improvements for weight painting. v0.1.1 SHA256
Geonode Shapekeys Enable animators to sculpt on linked and overridden meshes. v0.0.2 SHA256
Grease Converter Convert annotations to Grease Pencil objects and vise versa. v0.1.1 SHA256
Lattice Magic Lattice-based utilities. v0.1.1 SHA256
Lighting Overrider Create, manage and apply python overrides in a flexible and reliable way. v0.1.1 SHA256
Pose Shape Keys Manage and maintain shapekeys for rigging. v0.0.2 SHA256
Render Review Review renders from Flamenco with the sequence editor. v0.1.1 SHA256