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Blender Documentation (latest manual)

Welcome to the Blender User Documentation project. We are actively searching for contributors and documentation module owners.

The Blender Manual is written using reStructuredText (RST) and is built with Sphinx.

If you want to start contributing or want to have a look at the manual, here we have some instructions:

How to build & edit the docs locally

Before you start contributing it may be helpful to read the style guides which give instructions on how to write with RST and some goals of the manual.

Now that you are familiar with the process, you can get setup, edit, and contribute your changes by following these links:

Note: We realize this may be intimidating if you're not familiar with Git or making patches, you may also submit the modified file as an Issue.

Documentation Team

The coordination of the Blender Manual is run by a set of Administrators, which are responsible for managing the whole project and infrastructures (listed above).

If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please contact us on the developer forum.


For translations, we use Sphinxs internationalization package. To get started see the contribution guide for translations.

*Note: If you are a new translator who wants to start translating a new language that is not listed open an issue on the issue tracker and we would be glad to set it up for you.