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Add Curve Extra Objects
This add-on groups many curve object creation add-ons into a single one.
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- Open Blender and go to Preferences then the Add-ons tab.
- Click Add Curve then Extra Objects to enable the script.
Located in the :menuselection:`3D Viewport --> Add --> Curve`.
Included curve object add-ons:
Curve Profiles (Curveaceous Galore) by Jimmy Hazevoet, testscreenings
Arc, Arrow, Cogwheel, Cycloid, Flower, Helix, Noise, N-sided, Profile, Rectangle, Splat and Star types.
Braid by Jared Forsyth
Adds a Braided Knot type curve.
Celtic Knot by Adam Newgas
Wrap a mesh object in a knotted curve.
Curly Curve by Cmomoney
Adds a "Flourish" type curve.
Simple Curve by Vladimir Spivak (cwolf3d)
Point, Line, Distance, Angle, Ellipse, Arc, Sector, Segment,
Rectangle, Rhombus, Polygon, Polygon ab, Trapezoid curve types.
Spirals by Alejandro Omar Chocano Vasquez
Archimedean, Logarithmic, Spherical, Torus curve types.
SpiroFit, BounceSpline and Catenary by Antonio Osprite, Liero, Atom, Jimmy Hazevoet
Spiral fit curve to mesh, Bounce Spline inside a mesh, Catenary curve between two mesh objects.
Torus Knots, by Marius Giurgi (DolphinDream), testscreenings
Adds many types of (torus) knots including ten presets.
Bevel/Taper Curve, by Cmomoney
Adds bevel and/or taper curve to active curve.
Surface Objects, by Folkert de Vries
Adds a NURBS surface Plane, Cone, Star, Wedge.
.. reference::
:Category: Add Curve
:Description: Add multiple extra curve object types.
:Location: :menuselection:`3D Viewport --> Add --> Curve`
:File: add_curve_extra_objects folder
:Author: Multiple Authors
:Maintainer: Vladimir Spivak (cwolf3d)
:License: GPL
:Support Level: Community
:Note: This add-on is bundled with Blender.