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Clear Transform
.. reference::
:Mode: Pose Mode
:Menu: :menuselection:`Pose --> Clear Transform`
Once you have transformed some bones, if you want to return to their rest position,
just clear their transformations.
.. _bpy.ops.pose.transforms_clear:
Resets location, rotation, and scaling of selected bones to their default values.
.. _bpy.ops.pose.loc_clear:
.. _bpy.ops.pose.rot_clear:
.. _bpy.ops.pose.scale_clear:
Location, Rotation, Scale :kbd:`Alt-G`, :kbd:`Alt-R`, :kbd:`Alt-S`
Clears individual transforms.
Note that in *Envelope* visualization, :kbd:`Alt-S` does not clear the scale,
but rather scales the *Distance* influence area of the selected bones.
(This is also available through the :menuselection:`Pose --> Scale Envelope Distance` menu entry,
which is only effective in *Envelope* visualization, even though it is always available...)
.. _bpy.ops.pose.user_transforms_clear:
Reset Unkeyed
Clears the transforms to their keyframe state.
Only Selected
Operate on just the selected or all bones.