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.. index:: Object Constraints; Camera Solver Constraint
.. _bpy.types.CameraSolverConstraint:
Camera Solver Constraint
The *Camera Solver* constraint gives the owner of this constraint,
the location and rotation of the "solved camera motion".
The "solved camera motion" is where Blender reconstructs the position of the physical, real-world camera,
when it filmed the video footage, relative to the thing being tracked.
.. note::
This constraint only works after you have set up a minimum of eight markers and pressed
:ref:`Solve Camera Motion <editors-movie-clip-tracking-clip-solve-motion>`
(:menuselection:`Movie Clip Editor --> Toolbar --> Solve --> Solve Camera Motion`).
.. figure:: /images/animation_constraints_motion-tracking_camera-solver_panel.png
Camera Solver Constraint panel.
Active Clip
Receive tracking data from the scene's :ref:`Active Clip <bpy.types.Scene.active_clip>`.
If unchecked, an option appears to choose from the other clips.
Constraint to F-Curve
Applies the constraint, creating Keyframes for the transforms.
Controls the percentage of affect the constraint has on the object.
See :ref:`common constraint properties <bpy.types.constraint.influence>` for more information.