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5: WARNING: Duplicate explicit target name: "f-curves".
5: WARNING: Duplicate explicit target name: "f-curves".

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Drivers Editor

The Drivers Editor allows users to drive one property with another. See Drivers and F-Curves.

The Drivers Editor.

Main Region

The main view allows you to view and edit Driver F-Curves. An F-Curve has several key parts:


The curve defines the relationship between two properties: The current (driven) property (Y axis) and the driver (X axis).

See F-Curves.


Each point on the driver curve has a handle that helps determine the relationship between the two values. They can be selected and modified to change the shape of the curve.

See F-Curve Handles for more information.

A simple driver.

See also

See F-Curves for more info.


As with most editors, you can:


Pan the view vertically (values) or horizontally (time) with click and drag MMB.

Zoom Wheel

Zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.

Scale View Ctrl-MMB

Scale the view vertically or horizontally.

Frame All Home

Fit the curve in the available space.

In addition, you can also use the scrollbars to pan and zoom the view.


View Controls

View controls.


Normalize curves so the maximum and minimum points equal 1.0 and -1.0 respectively.


Automatically recalculate curve normalization on every curve edit. Disabling this setting may be useful to prevent curves from jumping after tweaking.

Show Only Selected (mouse cursor icon)

Only include curves related to the selected objects and data.

Show Hidden (dashed object icon)

Include curves from objects/bones that are not visible.

Show Only Errors (warning triangle icon)

Only include curves and drivers that are disabled or have errors. Useful for debugging.

Create Ghost Curves (square with curve icon)

Makes a visual indication in the background of the editor with a snapshot of the current state of the selected curves. This is useful to have a base for comparison on top of which to make edits.

Filter (funnel icon)
Type Filter

Filter curves by property type.

Sort Data-Blocks (az icon)

Object data-blocks appear in alphabetical order, so that it is easier to find where they occur (as well as helping to keep the animation of related objects together).

This option may affect the playback speed for heavy scenes.

Curve Controls

Curve controls.

Pivot Point

Pivot point for rotation.

Bounding Box Center

Center of the selected curve handles.

2D Cursor

Center of the 2D Cursor. Playhead + Cursor.

Individual Centers

Rotate the selected curve handles.

Auto Snap

Auto snap the curve handles when editing.

  • No Auto-Snap

  • Frame Step

  • Second Step

  • Nearest Frame

  • Nearest Second

  • Nearest Marker

Proportional Editing O

See Proportional Editing.

Sidebar Region

Drivers Tab

See Drivers panel.

Modifiers Tab

See F-Curve Modifiers.

View Properties Panel

View Properties panel.

Show Cursor

Show the vertical Cursor.

Cursor from Selection

Set the 2D cursor to the center of the selected curve handles.

Cursor X

Time Cursor X position.

Cursor Y

Vertical Cursor Y position.