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Panning can be done by dragging with MMB.

Zooming can be done using Wheel or NumpadPlus/NumpadMinus.


Next to the Sidebar region at the top, there are gizmos that allow panning and zooming more comfortably when e.g. no mouse wheel is available.

View Menu

Region Controls

Adjust which regions are visible in the Image editor.

Update Automatically

Instantly update any other editors that are affected by changes in this Image Editor. When disabled, the other editors may display outdated information until theyre manually refreshed (e.g. by orbiting for the 3D Viewport).

Show Metadata

Displays metadata about the selected Render Result. See the Output tabs Metadata panel to change what metadata to include.

Display Texture Paint UVs

Toggles UVs in Paint Mode. The object must be in Texture Paint Mode or Edit Mode for the UVs to be visible.

Zoom In/Out Wheel

Adjusts the zoom level.

Fractional Zoom
  • Zoom 1:8 Numpad8

  • Zoom 1:4 Numpad4

  • Zoom 1:2 Numpad2

  • Zoom 1:1 Numpad1

  • Zoom 2:1 Ctrl-Numpad2

  • Zoom 4:1 Ctrl-Numpad4

  • Zoom 8:1 Ctrl-Numpad8

Frame All Home

Pans and zooms the view so that the image is centered and fully visible.

Frame All Fit Shift-Home

Same as Frame All, but uses as much of the editors space as possible (rather than leaving some margin around the image).

Center View to Cursor

Pan the view so that the 2D cursor is at the center of the editor.

Render Region Ctrl-B

Only available when viewing the Render Result. See Render Region.

Clear Render Region Ctrl-Alt-B

Only available when viewing the Render Result. See Render Region.

Render Slot Cycle Next/Previous J/Alt-J

Switch to the next/previous render slot (that contains a render).


Adjust the area the Image Editor is in.