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Displays the settings of the active tool.



Tools for working with images. See Image settings.


Lists image metadata.



You can set the editors display options in this panel.

Display panel.

Aspect Ratio

Display aspect for this image. Does not affect rendering.

Repeat Image

Tile the image so it completely fills the editor.


Options for the annotation tool. See Annotate tool.


Scopes in the Image Editor.

Displays different kinds of statistical information about the colors in the image.

Note that the Scopes tab is not shown if the active object is in Edit Mode or Texture Paint Mode.


Displays a graph of the color distribution in the image. For each color value (such as Luminance) on the X axis, it shows the number of pixels with that value on the Y axis. A predominantly dark image would have the highest values toward the left side of the graph.

Use this mode to balance out the tonal range in an image. A well-balanced image should have a nice smooth distribution of color values.

You can drag LMB in the histogram to adjust its vertical zoom.


Shows a luminosity histogram.


Shows the RGB channels stacked on top of each other.


Shows a single color channel.

Show Line

Displays lines rather than filled shapes.


Plots the color distribution for each vertical line of pixels in the image. The X axis of the Waveform corresponds to the X axis of the image, while the Y axis represents the range of a color component such as Luminance. The brighter a specific point is, the more pixels in that vertical line have that color value.

Waveform Opacity

Opacity of the points.

Waveform Mode

Show a single Waveform plotting the luminosity distribution.


Show the Y, Cb and Cr Waveforms side by side.


Show the R, G and B Waveforms side by side.

Red Green Blue

Show the R, G and B Waveforms overlaid on top of each other.


Shows the color distribution in a radial fashion. The angle represents the hue, while the distance from the center represents the saturation.

Vectorscope Opacity

Opacity of the points.

Sample Line

The Sample Line scope is the same as the Histogram but allows you to get the sample data from a line.

Sample Line

Used to draw a line to read the sample data from.


Full Sample

Sample every pixel.


Proportion of image pixels to sample if Full Sample is disabled.