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Improvements for "Texture Nodes" section
* Updated the introduction page, showing where legacy textures can still be used and how to bring up the texture editor these days.
* Removed mentions of multi-output textures as these no longer seem to be possible (or necessary).
* Added missing explanation for "Standard/Filmlike" in the RGB Curves node.
* Added complete list of blending modes to the Mix Node page, with links to the Krita documentation.
* In general, fixed minor mistakes and made explanations less wordy.

One sentence that I *assumed* is a mistake reads as follows (Mix Node):
> As of Blender 3.4 this node has been updated in Shader and Geometry node editors. Files saved with the new node are not forward compatible.

It doesn't really make sense for a "new" node to not be "forward" compatible, so I changed this to "backward" instead (= old Blender versions can't read .blend files with the new node).
The alternative would mean that new Blender versions can't read files with the old node, which I certainly hope is not the case.

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