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Sequencer Display header.

View Menu

Sidebar N

Show or hide the Sidebar.

Toolbar T

Show or hide the Toolbar.

Preview During Transform

Show a preview of the start or end frame while transforming a strips start/end handles.

Frame Selected

Zoom and position the bounding box of the selected image into the center of the preview.

Fit Preview in Window Home

Resize the preview so that it fits in the area.

Zoom Shift-B

Click and drag to draw a rectangle and zoom to this rectangle.

Fractional Zoom

Resize the preview in steps from 1:8 to 8:1.

Refresh All

To force Blender to re-read in files, and to force a re-render of the 3D Viewport, click the Refresh Sequencer button. Blender will update and synchronize all cached images and compute the current frame.

Certain operations, like moving an object in the 3D Viewport, may not force the Sequencer to call for a refresh of the rendered image (since the movement may not affect the rendered image). If an image or video, used as a strip, is changed by some application outside of Blender, Blender has no real way of being notified from your operating system.

Sequence Render Image

Render the image at the current frame.

Sequence Render Animation

Render timeline from Preview Start to Preview End Frame to a Video file or series of images.

Export Subtitles

Exports Text strips, which can act as subtitles, to a SubRip file (.srt). The exported file contains all Text strips in the video sequence.

Toggle Sequencer/Preview Ctrl-Tab

Switch the editor display type between Sequencer and Preview.

Display Mode

See Display mode.

Display Channels

Color & Alpha

Display preview image with transparency over checkerboard pattern.


Ignore transparency of preview image (fully transparent areas will be black).


See Preview Overlays.