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.. _tool-grease-pencil-draw-circle:
Circle Tool
.. reference::
:Mode: Draw Mode
:Tool: :menuselection:`Toolbar --> Circle`
The Circle tool create oval shapes.
Tool Settings
You can configure the brush main settings exposed on the Tool Settings for convenience.
For the draw brushes configuration and settings see:
:doc:`Draw Brush </grease_pencil/modes/draw/tools/draw>`.
The number of stroke points between each stroke edge.
Thickness Profile
Use a :doc:`curve widget </interface/controls/templates/curve>` to define the stroke thickness
from the start (left) to end (right) of the stroke.
Use Curve
When enabled, the stroke use a curve profile to control the thickness along the line.
Selecting a Brush and Material
In the Tool Settings select the brush, material and color type to use with the tool.
The Circle tool uses *Draw Brush* types.
See :ref:`grease-pencil-draw-common-options` for more information.
Creating Circles
#. Click (:kbd:`LMB` or the :kbd:`Pen` tip) and drag the start point.
#. Release on the desired end point.
#. After releasing you can move the start and end point by clicking and dragging on the yellow manipulators.
#. Then confirm (:kbd:`Return`/:kbd:`MMB`) or cancel (:kbd:`Esc`/:kbd:`RMB`).
While dragging you can use :kbd:`Shift` to make a perfect circle
or use :kbd:`Alt` to create the circle from a center point.
:kbd:`NumpadPlus` and :kbd:`NumpadMinus` or using the mouse :kbd:`Wheel`
will increase or decrease the amount of points in the final circle.
.. list-table::
* - .. figure:: /images/grease-pencil_modes_draw_tools_circle_example-01.png
:width: 200px
Click and dragging the start point.
- .. figure:: /images/grease-pencil_modes_draw_tools_circle_example-02.png
:width: 200px
Moving start and end points with manipulators.
- .. figure:: /images/grease-pencil_modes_draw_tools_circle_example-03.png
:width: 200px
The circle after confirming.