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.. index:: Grease Pencil Modifiers; Envelope Modifier
.. _bpy.types.EnvelopeGpencilModifier:
Envelope Modifier
The *Envelope* modifier creates a shape known as envelope over the existing strokes
connecting all the points that have n points between them.
.. figure:: /images/grease-pencil_modifiers_generate_envelope_panel.png
:align: right
The Envelope modifier.
:Deform: Replaces the original stroke with the envelope shape.
:Segments: Add segments to create the envelope shape keeping the original stroke.
:Fill: Add segments to create the envelope without the original stroke.
Spread Length
The number of points to skip when creating the straight segments that define the envelope.
The thickness of the generated stroke segments.
The Opacity of the generated stroke segments.
Material Index
Defines the material to use on the generated stroke segments.
Skip Segments
The Number of generated stroke segments to skip to reduce complexity.
Influence Filters
See :ref:`grease-pencil-modifier-influence-filters`.