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.. _bpy.ops.curve.subdivide:
.. _modeling-curves-subdivision:
.. reference::
:Mode: Edit Mode
:Menu: :menuselection:`Curve --> Segments --> Subdivide`
Curve subdivision simply subdivides all selected segments by adding one or
more control points between the selected segments.
Number of Cuts
The number of subdivisions to perform.
.. _bpy.ops.curve.switch_direction:
.. _curve-switch-direction:
Switch Direction
.. reference::
:Mode: Edit Mode
:Menu: :menuselection:`Curve --> Segments --> Switch Direction`
This tool will "reverse" the direction of any curve with at least one selected element
(i.e. the start point will become the end one, and *vice versa*).
This is mainly useful when using a curve as path, or using the bevel and taper options.