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.. _bpy.ops.curve.pen:
Curve Pen
.. reference::
:Mode: Edit Mode
:Tool: :menuselection:`Toolbar --> Curve Pen`
The Curve Pen tool allows you to construct and edit curves rapidly.
.. figure:: /images/modeling_curves_tools_pen_curve-properties.jpg
:align: right
Curve Pen Preferences
The following preferences can be configured from:
:menuselection:`Preferences --> Keymap --> 3D View --> Curve --> 3D View Tool: Edit Curve, Curve Pen`.
Extrude Point
:kbd:`LMB` click to add a new point connected to an existing point.
Extrude Handle Type
The :ref:`handle type <curve-bezier-handle-type>` of the extruded points.
Can be either *Vector* or *Auto*.
However, the handle type switches to *Align* when handles are moved (See *Move Point*).
Delete Point
:kbd:`Ctrl-LMB` click on an existing point to delete it.
Insert Point
:kbd:`Ctrl-LMB` click on a :term:`Curve Segment` to insert a new control point between the two
adjacent control points. :kbd:`Ctrl-LMB` click and drag to control the handles of the inserted points.
Move Segment
:kbd:`LMB` drag on a segment in between two control points to adjust the handles, changing the shape of the
curve without affecting the location of any control points.
Select Point
:kbd:`LMB` click to select a single point or handle at a time.
Move point
:kbd:`LMB` drag to move existing points or handles. With an endpoint of a spline selected,
click and drag on empty space to *Extrude Point* and move the handle at the same time.
Close Spline
Make the spline :term:`Cyclic` by clicking the endpoints consecutively.
Close Spline Method
The condition for *Close Spline* to activate.
:None: Turn off the Close Spline functionality.
:On Press:
Close the spline on mouse down. With this option, you may click and drag to adjust the handles of the endpoint.
:On Click:
Activate on mouse release. With this option, the *Close Spline* functionality will not be
triggered on click and drag.
Toggle Vector
Double :kbd:`LMB` click on a handle to switch handle between *Vector* and *Auto* handle types.
Can be used to easily switch between sharp corners and smooth curves.
Cycle Handle Type
Double :kbd:`LMB` click on the control point to cycle through all handle types.
Free-Align Toggle
Hold :kbd:`LeftShift` while dragging a handle to switch between ``Free`` and ``Align`` handle types.
Can be used to create sharp corners along the curve.
Move Adjacent Handle
Hold :kbd:`LeftCtrl` while dragging a handle to move the closer handle of the adjacent control point.
Can be helpful to make adjustments to newly created curve segments.
Move Entire
Hold :kbd:`Spacebar` while dragging a handle to move the entire point.
Link Handles
Press :kbd:`RightCtrl` while dragging a handle to mirror its movement on the opposite handle of the same point.
Lock Handle Angle
Hold :kbd:`LeftAlt` while dragging a handle to limit the movement of the handle to its current direction,
so only its length can be adjusted.