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.. index:: Geometry Nodes; Resample Curve
.. _bpy.types.GeometryNodeResampleCurve:
Resample Curve Node
.. figure:: /images/node-types_GeometryNodeResampleCurve.webp
:align: center
:alt: Resample Curve node.
The Resample Curve node creates a poly spline for each input spline.
In the *Count* and *Length* modes, the control points of the new poly
splines will have uniform spacing.
.. tip::
Use a field as an input to have a different count/length for each spline.
Standard geometry input.
Whether or not to resample each spline. True values mean spline will be resampled to a poly spline,
false values mean the spline will be unaffected.
The number of control points on the new splines.
The approximate length between the control points of the new splines.
.. tip::
A :doc:`/modeling/geometry_nodes/curve/operations/trim_curve` can be used with
a multiple of the input length to make the distance between each sampled point exact,
even when the length of the spline changes.
How to specify the amount of samples.
Sample the specified number of points along each spline.
Calculate the number of samples by splitting each spline into segments with the specified length.
The length will be rounded down so that a whole number of samples will fit in each input spline.
Evaluate the spline's points based on the resolution attribute for NURBS and Bézier splines.
Changes nothing for poly splines.
Standard geometry output.