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.. index:: Geometry Nodes; Quadrilateral
.. _bpy.types.GeometryNodeCurvePrimitiveQuadrilateral:
Quadrilateral Node
.. figure:: /images/node-types_GeometryNodeCurvePrimitiveQuadrilateral.webp
:alt: Quadrilateral Node.
The *Quadrilateral* node generates a polygon with four points, with different modes.
Width / Bottom Width / Top Width
The X axis size of the shape.
The Y axis size of the shape.
Bottom Height / Top Height
The distance between the bottom or top point and the X axis, in *Kite* mode.
In *Parallelogram* mode, the relative X difference between the top and bottom edge.
In *Trapezoid* mode, the amount to move the top edge in the positive X axis.
Point 1 - 4
Input vectors for the *Points* mode.
Generate a rectangle-shaped curve with a width and a height.
Generate a rectangle with an offset for the different X values of the top and bottom edges.
Generate a trapezoid-shaped curve with a height, a width for the top and bottom, and an offset.
Generate a kite shape with a width, and the top and bottom points distance from the X axis.
Generate a four point cyclic poly spline by inputting the position vectors directly.
Poly spline generated from the inputs.