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.. index:: Geometry Nodes; Set Spline Type
.. _bpy.types.GeometryNodeCurveSplineType:
Set Spline Type Node
.. figure:: /images/node-types_GeometryNodeCurveSplineType.webp
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:alt: The Set Spline Type node.
Sets the spline type for the splines in the curve component that
are in the selection.
Standard geometry input with a curve component.
The splines whose spline types will be changed.
Spline Type
The type to convert the splines in the selection to.
Read the :ref:`Spline Types <curve-spline-types>` page for more details
on the different spline types.
Convert to a Bézier spline. A spline converted from a poly spline gets vector handles,
while one converted from NURBS or Catmull Rom spline gets auto handles.
.. note::
When converting from a NURBS spline to a Bézier spline,
at least six points are needed.
When the number of points is not a multiple of three
a full conversion is not possible and the spline has to be truncated.
Convert to a NURBS spline.
Convert to a poly spline.
:Catmull Rom:
Convert to a Catmull Rom spline.
Standard curve output.