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.. index:: Geometry Nodes; Clump Hair Curves
Clump Hair Curves
Clumps together existing hair curves using guide curves.
.. peertube:: gnhg72C8JoNYmNy441QHgt
Input Geometry (only curves will be affected).
Guide Index
Guide index map witch describes which curve to use as the center of each braid group.
If this input is provided, it priority over an existing map in the ``guide_curve_index``
attribute, and the *Guide Distance* and *Guide Mask* attribute will be unused.
Guide Distance
Minimum distance between two guides for new guide map.
Guide Mask
Mask for which curve are eligible to be selected as guides.
Existing Guide Map
Use the existing guide map attribute if available. If this is false, and the *Guide Index*
input isn't provided, the *Guide Distance* and *Guide Mask* input will be used to generate
a new :doc:`guide map </modeling/geometry_nodes/hair/guides/create_guide_index_map>` for this node.
Creating the guide map in a separate node or modifier gives more complete control over its creation.
Factor to blend overall effect.
Shape of the influence along curves (0=constant, 0.5=linear).
Tip Spread
Distance of random spread at the curve tips.
Clump Offset
Offset of each clump in a random direction.
Distance Falloff
Falloff distance for the clumping effect (0 means no falloff).
Distance Threshold
Distance threshold for the falloff around the guide.
Random seed for the operation.
Preserve Length
Preserve each curve's length during deformation.
This node has no properties.
Guide Index
Guide index map that was used for the operation.
If a new guide map is created by this node, it will be stored for
this output.