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.. index:: Geometry Nodes; Mesh Boolean
.. _bpy.types.GeometryNodeMeshBoolean:
Mesh Boolean Node
.. figure:: /images/node-types_GeometryNodeMeshBoolean.webp
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:alt: Mesh Boolean node.
The *Mesh Boolean Node* allows you to cut, subtract, and join the geometry of two inputs.
This node offers the same operations as the :doc:`Boolean modifier </modeling/modifiers/generate/booleans>`.
Mesh 1/2
Standard geometry input.
Self Intersection
Correctly calculates cases when one or both operands have self-intersections.
This involves more calculations making the node slower.
Hole Tolerant
Optimizes the Boolean output for :term:`Non-manifold` geometry
at the cost of increased computational time.
Because of the performance impact, this option should only be enabled
when the solver demonstrates errors with non-manifold geometry.
Produce a new geometry containing only the volume inside of both geometry 1 and geometry 2.
The two input meshes are joined, then any interior elements are removed.
Geometry 2 is subtracted from geometry 1 (everything outside of geometry 2 is kept).
Standard geometry output.
Intersecting Edges
A boolean attribute field with a selection of the edges that were created where the two inputs