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.. _mesh-toolbar-index:
Mesh Edit Mode tools:
:ref:`Select <tool-select-tweak>`
Select or move.
:ref:`Select Box <tool-select-box>`
Select geometry by dragging a box.
:ref:`Select Circle <tool-select-circle>`
Select geometry by dragging a circle.
:ref:`Select Lasso <tool-select-lasso>`
Select geometry by drawing a lasso.
Change the location of the 3D Cursor.
Translation tool.
Rotation tool.
Scale tool.
:ref:`Scale Cage <tool-scale-cage>`
Change the scale of an object by controlling its cage.
Tool to adjust the objects translation, rotations and scale.
:ref:`Annotate <tool-annotate-freehand>`
Draw free-hand annotation.
:ref:`Annotate Line <tool-annotate-line>`
Draw straight line annotation.
:ref:`Annotate Polygon <tool-annotate-polygon>`
Draw a polygon annotation.
:ref:`Annotate Eraser <tool-annotate-eraser>`
Erase previous drawn annotations.
:ref:`Measure <tool-measure>`
Measure distances in the scene.
:ref:`Add Cube <tool-add-cube>`
Interactively add a cube mesh object.
:ref:`Add Cone <tool-add-cone>`
Interactively add a cone mesh object.
:ref:`Add Cylinder <tool-add-cylinder>`
Interactively add a cylinder mesh object.
:ref:`Add UV Sphere <tool-add-cylinder>`
Interactively add a UV sphere mesh object.
:ref:`Add Icosphere <tool-add-icosphere>`
Interactively add an icosphere mesh object.
:ref:`Extrude Region <tool-mesh-extrude_region>`
Extrude the selected region together freely or along an axis.
:doc:`Extrude Manifold </modeling/meshes/tools/extrude_manifold>`
Extrudes region and dissolves overlapping geometry.
:doc:`Extrude Along Normals </modeling/meshes/editing/face/extrude_faces_normal>`
Extrude Region along their local normal.
:ref:`Extrude Individual <tool-mesh-extrude_individual>`
Extrude each individual element along their local normal.
:ref:`Extrude To Cursor <tool-mesh-extrude_cursor>`
Extrude selected vertices, edges or faces towards the mouse cursor.
:ref:`Inset Faces <tool-mesh-inset_faces>`
Inset selected faces.
:ref:`Bevel <tool-mesh-bevel>`
Create a bevel from the selected elements.
:ref:`Loop Cut <tool-mesh-loop_cut>`
Create a loop cut along the mesh.
:ref:`Offset Edge Loop Cut <bpy.ops.mesh.offset_edge_loops_slide>`
Add two edge loops on either side of selected loops.
:ref:`Knife <tool-mesh-knife>`
Create a knife cut in the mesh. Press enter to confirm the cut.
:ref:`Bisect <tool-mesh-bisect>`
Bisect the mesh.
:ref:`Poly Build <tool-mesh-poly-build>`
Create geometry by adding vertices one by one.
:ref:`Spin <tool-mesh-spin>`
Create new geometry by extruding and rotating.
:ref:`Spin Duplicate <tool-mesh-spin>`
Create new geometry by duplicating and rotating.
:ref:`Smooth <tool-mesh-smooth>`
Flatten angles of selected vertices.
:ref:`Randomize <tool-mesh-smooth>`
Randomize selected vertices.
:ref:`Edge Slide <tool-mesh-edge_slide>`
Slide edge along a face.
:ref:`Vertex Slide <tool-mesh-vertex-slide>`
Slide vertex along an edge.
:ref:`Shrink/Flatten <tool-mesh-shrink-fatten>`
Shrink selected vertices along their normals.
:ref:`Push/Pull <tool-transform-push_pull>`
Push or pull (scale) selected elements.
:ref:`Shear <tool-transform-shear>`
Shear selected elements.
:ref:`To Sphere <tool-transform-to_sphere>`
Move vertices outwards in a spherical shape around object center.
:ref:`Rip Region <tool-mesh-rip_region>`
Rip Polygons and move the result.
:ref:`Rip Edge <tool-mesh-rip_edge>`
Extend vertices and move the result.