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.. _bpy.ops.surface.primitive*add:
.. reference::
:Mode: Object Mode and Edit Mode
:Menu: :menuselection:`Add --> Curve`
:Shortcut: :kbd:`Shift-A`
.. seealso::
When adding curves there are some common options like other :ref:`Objects <object-common-options>`.
In Object/Edit Mode, the *Add Surface* menu, provides six different surface primitives:
.. list-table::
* - .. figure:: /images/modeling_surfaces_primitives_surface.png
NURBS surface primitives.
- .. figure:: /images/modeling_surfaces_primitives_curve.png
NURBS curve primitives.
Adds a generic curve of four control points forming an arc.
NURBS Circle
Adds an a closed loop of control point forming a circle.
Note, a circle :term:`NURBS` surface is never filled, unlike its "real" curve counterpart...
NURBS Surface
Adds a generic surface patch consisting of a 4×4 grid plane with the center grid slightly raised.
NURBS Cylinder
Adds an open end cylinder, consisting of an extruded *NURBS Circle*.
NURBS Sphere
Adds a generic sphere constructed by revolving a grid of control points about an axis.
Adds a doughnut-shaped primitive created by rotating a circle around an axis.