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*Sculpt Mode* is similar to *Edit Mode* in that it is used to alter the shape of a model,
but Sculpt Mode uses a very different workflow:
instead of dealing with individual elements (vertices, edges, and faces),
an area of the model is primarily changed using brushes.
.. figure:: /images/sculpt-paint_sculpting_introduction_example.png
Sculpting Mode Example.
Sculpt Mode is accessed from the mode menu of the :doc:`3D Viewport header </editors/3dview/modes>`
or with the pie menu via :kbd:`Ctrl-Tab`.
Once inside Sculpt Mode, the Toolbar and Tool Settings of the 3D Viewport will change to
Sculpt Mode specific panels. The cursor will change to a circle, to indicate the size of the brush.
.. warning::
To have predictable brush behavior,
make sure to :doc:`apply the scale </scene_layout/object/editing/apply>` of your mesh.
The following pages will briefly explain the fundamental features and concepts of *Sculpt Mode*,
including various links to other pages for more details.