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Multiplane Scrape
.. reference::
:Mode: Sculpt Mode
:Tool: :menuselection:`Toolbar --> Multiplane Scrape`
Scrapes the mesh with two angled planes at the same time, creating a sharp edge between them.
This is useful for creating & polishing hard surface objects.
Brush Settings
.. note::
More info at :ref:`sculpt-tool-settings-brush-settings-general` brush settings
and on :ref:`sculpt-tool-settings-brush-settings-advanced` brush settings.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.multiplane_scrape_angle:
Plane Angle
The angle between the two planes of the brush, pressing :kbd:`Ctrl` inverts the angle.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.use_multiplane_scrape_dynamic:
Dynamic Mode
When enabled, the angle is dynamically updated based on the surface under the brush.
The *Plane Angle* then controls how much the angle will increase when applying pen pressure.
When pressing :kbd:`Ctrl`, it locks the plane angle to 0 degrees.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.show_multiplane_scrape_planes_preview:
Show Cursor Preview
Displays a preview of the two planes
and the angle they form during the stroke.