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.. reference::
:Mode: Sculpt Mode
:Tool: :menuselection:`Toolbar --> Paint`
Paints on the active color attribute.
Hold :kbd:`Shift` to blur painted colors instead.
Color attribute's can be managed in the pallette pop-over in the middle of the header.
.. note::
More information in the
:doc:`Painting Introduction </sculpt_paint/sculpting/introduction/painting>`.
Brush Settings
This settings has a different effect on this brush.
Instead of defining the strength of each individual step in the stroke,
it determines the overall Opacity of the applied color.
Use the *Flow* setting instead for faster increasing of strength.
.. note::
More info at :ref:`sculpt-tool-settings-brush-settings-general` brush settings
and on :ref:`sculpt-tool-settings-brush-settings-advanced` brush settings.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.flow:
Amount of paint that is applied per stroke sample.
Used to create fast/slow accumulation effect.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.wet_mix:
Wet Mix
Amount of paint that is picked from the surface into the brush color.
Can achieve the effect of a wet canvas.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.wet_persistence:
Wet Persistence
Amount of wet paint that stays in the brush after applying paint to the surface.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.wet_paint_radius_factor:
Wet Paint Radius
Ratio between the brush radius and the radius that is going to be used to sample the color to blend in wet paint.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.density:
Amount of random elements that are going to be affected by this brush.
Use this for a more detailed airbrush effect.
This works best on a high resolution.
.. _bpy.types.Brush.tip_scale_x:
Tip Scale X
Scale of the brush tip in the X axis.
This is useful for a achieving a painting stroke like a marker or paint roller.