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UI: Icon Hover Brightness for Properties Items
Properties category icons with new SVG icons are slightly brighter than
before, and therefore do not seem to brighten on hover. This PR makes
them match exactly. Was assigning an alpha instead of multiplying. And
an earlier refactor for outlines made these icons not show initially
dimmer unless there is also an outline.

Pull Request: #125029
2024-07-19 04:17:52 +02:00
.gitea Issue template: Add guidelines surrounding content restrictions 2024-05-31 17:22:07 +02:00
.github Fix: Switch to scheduled trigger for appropriate permission scope in workflow 2024-05-28 14:12:20 +02:00
build_files CMake: Add buildbot configuration for all platforms 2024-07-17 16:48:18 +02:00
doc PyDocs: distinguish between tuple and union data types 2024-07-18 15:39:04 +10:00
extern Merge branch 'blender-v4.2-release' 2024-07-09 15:21:35 +02:00
intern Refactor: Cycles: oneAPI: Simplify num_concurrent_states() 2024-07-18 15:46:17 +02:00
lib Fix #124086: blake2 hasher is unavailable on macOS 2024-07-03 14:46:33 +02:00
locale I18N: updated UI translations from git/weblate repository (43b5cb1cbab4c7ea). 2024-07-15 10:36:02 +02:00
release Assets: Update asset repository hash for removed tool icons 2024-07-15 19:11:52 +02:00
scripts Fix: Sculpt: Various tools not using crosshair cursor 2024-07-18 18:14:21 +02:00
source UI: Icon Hover Brightness for Properties Items 2024-07-19 04:17:52 +02:00
tests Render tests: Use blocklist name for blocked tests 2024-07-18 17:31:52 +02:00
tools Cleanup: spelling in comments 2024-07-13 16:56:57 +10:00
.clang-format Clang-Format: Ensure single new line at the end of files 2024-02-22 14:42:10 +01:00
.clang-tidy Clang-tidy: Ignore variable name length and .c/.cc include warnings 2022-05-06 15:26:54 +02:00
.editorconfig editorconfig: add HTML entry 2023-12-08 13:28:13 +11:00
.git-blame-ignore-revs Cleanup: add commit to .git-blame-ignore-revs 2023-05-03 20:31:11 +10:00
.gitignore Switch SVN to Git submodules using Git-LFS 2024-02-22 13:50:55 +01:00
.gitmodules Revert "Release: Updates for the 4.2 branch" 2024-06-05 12:33:31 +02:00
AUTHORS AUTHORS: add 2 new authors, 3 updated names 2024-07-05 21:04:39 +10:00
CMakeLists.txt Windows: Disable TBB_MALLOC_PROXY on ARM64 2024-07-04 17:14:42 +02:00
COPYING == docs == 2010-10-13 14:44:22 +00:00
GNUmakefile Cleanup: remove unused icon utilities and make convenience target 2024-06-27 18:28:32 +02:00
make.bat Cleanup: remove unused icon utilities and make convenience target 2024-06-27 18:28:32 +02:00
pyproject.toml Extensions: Support online extensions and move add-ons outside Blender 2024-05-15 19:26:29 +02:00 Docs: Replace most wiki links with links to new developer docs 2024-01-18 16:49:38 +01:00


Blender is the free and open source 3D creation suite. It supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline-modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking and video editing.

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