Sculpt: roll curve texture mapping #104449

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This patch implements a new curve texture mapping mode for sculpt brushes.

Ref #98070

This patch implements a new curve texture mapping mode for sculpt brushes. Ref #98070
Joseph Eagar added 124 commits 2023-02-08 03:09:12 +01:00
9155608875 Cleanup: Simplify handling of loop to poly map in normal calculation
A Loop to poly map was passed as an optional output to the loop normal
calculation. That meant it was often recalculated more than necessary.
Instead, treat it as an optional argument. This also helps relieve
unnecessary responsibilities from the already-complicated loop normal
calculation code.
ddecc6166b GHOST/Wayland: replace roundtrip with dispatch_pending
Add a non-blocking version wrapper for wl_display_dispatch_pending.
This uses roughly the same logic as Wayland_PumpEvents in SDL.
Noticed this when investigating T100855.

Note that performing a round-trip doesn't seem necessary from looking
into QT/GTK & SDL event handling loops.
a3f23a321e Cleanup: use snake-case for WAYLAND utility functions
It wasn't so obvious which functions were part of the GHOST API
and which system functions were utilities.

This convention was already in place but not always followed.
dc2ac546cd Fix non-interactive window borders after changes to event handling
Regression in [0] causes LIBDECOR interactions not to be detected.

[0]: deb8ae6bd1
a873f7299a Cleanup: move title into GWL_Window
Nearly all Wayland window data is stored in this struct,
follow this convention so GWL_Window functions can be self contained.
f6f05740be GHOST/Wayland: skip resizing the EGL surface unnecessarily
wl_egl_window_resize ran when the window became active/inactive for e.g.
30e9c5b7f5 Cleanup: add a system reference to the wayland window
Avoid relying on GHOST_ISystem::getSystem(), store the system instead.
431d527679 Fix: Curves sculptmode: deduplicate checks for being in mode
rBa8f7d41d3898 added a "duplicate" check for being in curves sculptmode
unnecessarily afaict (`in_sculpt_curve_mode` in addition to the
previously existing `in_curves_sculpt_mode`).
Over time, the later evolved to also take into account the output of a
viewer node, see rBc55d38f00b8c (the previously existing
`in_curves_sculpt_mode` did not receive this).

This all results in the fact that selection is not drawn with a viewer
node (can be useful though, and there are separate opacity controls for
both selection and the viewer attribute, so these can be used/blended to
everyones liking).

So now deduplicate the check.

Differential Revision:
b5d4fbb9cc BLI: improve CPPType system
* Support bidirectional type lookups. E.g. finding the base type of a
  field was supported, but not the other way around. This also removes
  the todo in `get_vector_type`. To achieve this, types have to be
  registered up-front.
* Separate `CPPType` from other "type traits". For example, previously
  `ValueOrFieldCPPType` adds additional behavior on top of `CPPType`.
  Previously, it was a subclass, now it just contains a reference to the
  `CPPType` it corresponds to. This follows the composition-over-inheritance
  idea. This makes it easier to have self-contained "type traits" without
  having to put everything into `CPPType`.

Differential Revision:
0f06080bc3 Cleanup: Move cloth.c to C++
To support further mesh data structure refactoring.
be9bac1f0d Fix: OpenSubdiv reporting version 0.0.0 in system_info.txt
OSD Lists as 0, 0, 0 this is due to not actually including
the OSD version header, so it's not getting the version define, and the code
in openSubdiv_getVersionHex is really well prepared to deal with any or no
version at all of OSD, catches the problem and returns 0, 0, 0

Given this file is only build when OSD is enabled we can just blindly include
opensubdiv/version.h here

Reviewed by: brecht
Differential Revision:
dce36e3e80 UV: implement copy and paste for uv
Implement a new topology-based copy and paste solution for UVs.

Usage notes:

* Open the UV Editor

* Use the selection tools to select a Quad joined to a Triangle joined to another Quad.
* From the menu, choose UV > UV Copy
 * The UV co-ordinates for your quad<=>tri<=>quad are now stored internally

* Use the selection tools to select a different Quad joined to a Triangle joined to a Quad.
* (Optional) From the menu, choose UV > Split > Selection

* From the menu, choose UV > UV Paste
 * The UV co-ordinates for the new selection will be moved to match the stored UVs.

Repeat selection / UV Paste steps as many times as desired.
For performance considerations, see

In theory, UV Copy and Paste should work with all UV selection modes.
Please report any problems.

A copy has been made of the Graph Isomorphism code from
Copyright (c) 2019 Stefano Quer GPL v3 or later.

Additional integration code Copyright (c) 2022 by Blender Foundation, GPL v2 or later.

Maniphest Tasks: T77911
Differential Revision:
8e40e6400a DRW: Wrappers: Avoid default vector length of 0 if sizeof(T) is large
This increases the default size to some reasonable value (>512bytes) and
allocate at least 1 element.
a80e4f4bc9 DRW: Wrappers: Allow trivial types inside `draw::SwapChain`
This allows to use pointers and such other trivial types which cannot
implement the `swap` mehod.
4efef2fccd DRW: Wrappers: Allow taking reference of the framebuffer object
This is in order to make it work with the new `framebuffer_set` command
which requires a `GPUFrameBuffer **`.
94a35be532 DRW: Manager: Finish / change implementation of `framebuffer_set` command
Use reference instead of direct pointer. This is because framebuffers
often use temp textures and are configured later just before submission.
453a0c430b DRW: Manager: Add `ClearMulti` command
Allows to record `GPU_framebuffer_multi_clear` inside `draw::Pass`.
6ee2f9dc15 DRW: Manager: Add `bind_texture` command for vertex buffer
This allows the same behavior as with `DRW_shgroup_buffer_texture`.
035e040ee2 DRW: Manager: Fix `ClearMulti` breaking compilation on Mac
The error was:
`draw_pass.hh:1055:16: error: call to implicitly-deleted default constructor of 'blender::draw::command::Undetermined [3]'
8bea9693df Fix T102187: Add knife tool in mesh panel
Add knife tool option in mesh panel

Reviewer: campbellbarton, JulienKaspar

Differential Revision:
812de962a3 Fix T95335 Bevel operator Loop Slide overshoot.
If the edge you are going to slide along is very close to in line
with the adjacent beveled edge, then there will be sharp overshoots.
There is an epsilon comparison to just abandon loop slide if this
situation is happening. That epsilon used to be 0.25 radians, but
bug T86768 complained that that value was too high, so it was changed
to .0001 radians (5 millidegrees). Now this current bug shows that
that was too aggressively small, so this change ups it by a factor
of 10, to .001 radians (5 centidegrees). All previous bug reports
remained fixed.
f9947b50c6 UV: fix compile on windows
Remove VLAs for compiling on windows.
Regression from 721fc9c1c9
e2376eceb5 Cleanup: Move lineart_cpu.c to C++
To enable further mesh data structure refactoring-- access to loose
edges in particular.
4d57da0dd0 GHOST/Wayland: remove display listener (was warning on startup)
This already has a default listener which uses waylands logging.
96dfc8be8e GHOST/Wayland: call exit() when Wayland has a fatal error
Without this, a fatal error simply floods the stderr with the same
message without exiting.

Also add note on why reconnecting to the display server isn't practical.
6e2fc39eb7 Cleanup: Move mesh_remap.c to C++
To facilitate further mesh data structure refactoring.
0c1b536c57 DRW: View: Add base for multi-view support
This implements the base needed for supporting multiple view concurently
inside the same drawcall.

The view used by common macros and view related functions is indexed using
a global variable `drw_view_id` which can be set arbitrarly or read
from the `drw_ResourceID`.

This is needed for EEVEE-Next shadow but can be used for other purpose
in the future.

Note that a shader specialization is needed for it to work. `DRW_VIEW_LEN`
needs to be defined to the amount of view the shader will access.

The number of views contained in a `draw::View` is set at construction

Note that the maximum number of object correctly drawn by the shaders
using multiple views will be lower than thoses who don't.
165daf0bc6 Fix T98989: Performance regression when using multiple bump nodes
Ensure each graph material_function only evaluates the input links that are connected to it.

Differential Revision:
85cec1deff Asset system: New asset system code module (with files from BKE)
Adds a new `source/blender/asset_system` directory and moves asset
related files from BKE to it. More asset related code can follow
(e.g. asset indexing, ED_assetlist stuff) but needs further work to
untangle it. I also kept `BKE_asset.h` and `` as is, since they
deal with asset DNA data mostly, thus make sense in BKE.

- Makes the asset system design more present (term wasn't even used in
  code before).
- An `asset_system` directory is quite descriptive (trivial to identify
  core asset system features) and makes it easy to find asset code.
- Asset system is mostly runtime data, with little relation to other
  `Main`/BKE/DNA types.
- There's a lot of stuff in BKE already. It shouldn't be just a dump for
  all stuff that seems core enough.
- Being its own directly helps us be more mindful about encapsulating
  the module well, and avoiding dependencies on other modules.
- We can be more free with splitting files here than in BKE.
- In future there might be an asset system BPY module, which would then
  map quite nicely to the `asset_system` directory.

Checked with some other core devs, consensus seems that this makes
94e761e263 Fix: incorrect field dependencies in the raycast node
This does not change the result when evaluating the node.

Differential Revision:
6b590a86a6 UI: disable curve map & profile zoom buttons at max/min zoom level
Disable the zoom in and out buttons on the when they would have no effect.

This also removes an incorrect comment that indicates the maximum zoom level
was 20x when in fact it was 25x.

Differential Revision:
a72f590d51 Fix image datablock losing movie metadata on undo
The anims data is a runtime cache similar to the image buffer or GPU texture
and needs to be preserved through undo in the same way.

Found as part of D15042 development.
9d74da3352 Cycles: improve adaptive sampling for overexposed scenes
Render time is reduced for overexposed scenes, by taking into account absolute
light intensity for adaptive sampling.

This can negatively affect some scenes where compositing or color management
are used to make the scene much darker or lighter. For best results adjust the
Film > Exposure setting to bring the intensity into a good range, and then do
further compositing and color management on top of that. Note that this setting
is different than color management exposure.

Previously Cycles' adaptive sampling used sqrt(I) to normalize noise level to
conform to a viewer's eye sensitivity. It is great for darker regions of the
image, but also requests too much samples in bright regions, sometimes several
times more than needed. Highlights can tolerate more noise because in most
examples it is still less noticeable then the noise in darker areas in the same

Differential Revision:
9b36b846f0 Gizmo toggle for Movie Clip Editor
This patch adds a "Show Gizmo" toggle to the Movie Clip Editor header, for consistency with other editors.


Differential Revision:
adf4dd8355 Cleanup: Braces around initialization warning
There is no need to initialize the bounding box as it is fully
initialized by the BKE_boundbox_init_from_minmax().
f4e4a0b5b3 Cleanup: Allow using C++ features in BMesh header functions
Generally the `extern "C" {` brackets shouldn't be added around other
headers since it causes problems when using C++ features in them.
Follow that convention for the "bmesh.h" header.
e442a17587 Cleanup: Use C++ BitVector instead of BLI_bitmap for BVH utils
This gives a friendlier interface, an inline buffer, RAII, etc.
Also switch some BMesh functions that were only used by the snap
system's use of BVH utils.
96e93cc70c Mesh: Avoid calculating normals when building BVH tree
Though they are sometimes used by users of the BVH tree, mostly
vertex normals when building the BVH tree is unnecessary. Skip it
instead and avoid storing the vertex normals in the BVH tree cache.
They are just calculated in the few places they are actually needed.
This should save at least a few percent of the runtime in some cases
where the normals weren't needed otherwise.
8a19fcc500 Cycles: Enable MetalRT pointclouds & other fixes
Code authored by Marco Giordano.

This fixes pointcloud rendering on MetalRT and some other subtle MetalRT bugs:
- Incorrect kernel hashing
- Missing specialisation constants
- Incorrect visibility filtering
- Missing null pointer check

Reviewed By: brecht

Differential Revision:
e86612d442 Fix T102421: not respecting set image.file_format
The default file type for new ImBuf is already PNG, no need to override it
again in the save method.
a504c9a69e Python API: add optional parameters quality and filepath
To override the default quality and filepath. After changes to unify the image
operator and this method, the quality changed from 75 to 90 to make both
consistent. However there was no way to lower the quality to match the previous
behavior, this adds support for that.

Ref T102421
a67f703ff3 Fix T100491: Mouse selection is inaccurate in NLA Editor
Selection range is +/-7 pixels to actual clicked position, but strip selection
was biased towards rightmost strip.

To make selection more intuitive, select closest strip to clicked position, and
stop iterating when strip intersects clicked pixel.

Reviewed By: sybren

Differential Revision:
0783789a95 Fix T102502: Collada import sets incorrect material indices
The weird code dealing with `MeshPrimitive` didn't increment the
material indices pointer for geometry types besides triangle fans.
Also use a proper accessor to avoid adding a duplicate material
indices attribute, just in case this code is used on existing meshes.
9dd0899298 Fix: Versioning problem with cyclic bezier NURBS
Patch fixes versioning issue with NURBS files saved with Blender
version from commit 45d038181a to 0602852860 and opened with
Blender version from commit 0602852860. Cyclic Bezier NURBS
saved and then opened with Blender versions mentioned above
changed their shape.

Bug was reported in comments of T101160, circle problem.

Differential Revision:
24044c64ba Partial Fix T102428: Invertible Bezier curve trim within one segment
Adjusts behavior for trimming Bezier curves, specifically the outer
Bezier handles for the endpoints which do not influence the actual
curve. Handles are only adjusted if they lie within the same segment
with at most one endpoint being a control point (unless they are the
same in which handles are set to the point itself). The result yields
a curve in which the trim result can be inverted by re-setting the
cyclic property for the curve using 'Set Spline Cyclic' node
(iff both trim endpoints lie within a segment).

Differential Revision:
444ce7c3b7 Geometry Nodes: Image Info Node
This commit adds a new "Image Info" node to retrieve various
information from an image like its width, height, and whether
it has an alpha channel. It is also possible to retrieve the FPS
and frame count of video files.

Differential Revision:
a3c4e28df9 GHOST/Wayland: only use a single swapBuffers for libdecor redrawing
Using a single draw works in my tests and I couldn't reproduce the
issue noted in the comment.

Also apply minor cleanup, assigning a variable before calling methods to
reduce diff-noise in planned changes.
6868d7b74a GHOST/Wayland: share logic for xdg/libdecor window configuration
Split frame & frame_pending structs, making window actions simpler
to reason about.
472762f0dc Fix T100855: Input while Blender is unresponsive exits under Wayland
Consume events in a thread to prevent Wayland's event buffer from
overflowing Waylands internal buffer and closing the connection.
From a users perspective this seemed like a crash.


- This is a workaround for a known bug in Wayland [0].
  Threaded event handling has been if-defed so it can be removed when
  it's no longer needed.

- GTK & QT use threaded event handling to avoid this problem
  (SDL on the other hand doesn't).

- The complexity and number of locks needed to handle events in a
  separate thread is a significant down-side, but as far as I can see
  this is necessary.

- Re-connecting to the Wayland server is possible but not practical as
  the OpenGL context is lost and as far as I can tell it's not possible
  to keep it active (see: D16492).

03218f7b45 GHOST/Wayland: limit the size of the events_pending vector
Avoid keeping allocated overly large events_pending vector in case of
long delays between processing events.

While in practice this isn't likely to cause problems, it's better to
avoid keeping unnecessarily large allocations.

Also remove invalid comment.
a97e2fd4e6 Fix hair/curve drawing artifacts when workarounds are enabled.
Regression introduced by {rB601995c3b86986cf8f8e5b6e5a65bcfa7f8f2e32}.
Noticed by Heist project as they render final frames with workarounds enabled.

The mentioned patch introduces attaching VBO as textures. This used to be
done by the caller. The mechanism used a different order hence the VBO
could still be unbound when using. This cannot be solved inside the new
mechanism clearly so this patch will just bind when the buffer isn't bound
just before the drawing command is sent to the GPU driver.
e16f473523 Animation: rearrange grease pencil channels in the main dopesheet
Operations to rearrange channels in the main dopesheet
did not cover grease pencil layer channels.
Now grease pencil layer channels can be moved up and down
in the main dopesheet just like other channels.

Reviewed By: Sybren A. Stüvel

Differential Revision:
42dd5cc430 Fix T101775: grease pencil keyframe not filtered in dopesheet summary
Grease pencil data keyframes were listed twice in the summary.

First by the generic object data listing,
which did not handle properly grease pencil objects,
and did not account for the grease pencil filter.
Second by the specific grease pencil function.

Now only the second call is made,
and the filter hides keyframes in summary as well.

Reviewed By : Jeroen Bakker, Falk David

Differential Revision:
f5877da993 I18n: improve keymap translations
- The label for modal keymaps was extracted but did not use the proper
  context on translation.
- Same goes for modal keymap items.
- Extract the UI messages from
- Translate global keymap names.
- Use the proper context in the status bar for the tool prompt operator

Ref T102071

Maniphest Tasks: T102071

Differential Revision:
6749cec22f I18n: fix description_from_data_path() for property assignment
The property assignment operators' tooltips were never actually
translated when they were constructed dynamically from the description
in the prop's RNA.

This was visible when using such operators in menus (example I found
was the Marker Settings, Shift + E in the Movie Clip Editor).

"%s: %s" is already extracted elsewhere, might as well use it.

Reviewed By: mont29

Differential Revision:
51976a9e4c I18n: fix UI layout operator context extraction
Some operator layout buttons with custom text did not get the proper
context: they'd get * instead of Operator.

This was probably never noticed because the only operator that
actually had this issue was Import Images as Planes in the Add menu.

Reviewed By: mont29

Differential Revision:
b30e20d0d9 Fix T101536: missing node tree updates after remapping id
The main problem is that the node tree was not properly updated
after a property in the tree changed. More specifically, the collection
pointer in the Collection Info node was cleared, but the node tree
was not updated after that (usually this is handled by rna updates).

Differential Revision:
f37cbba8f1 GPU: Improve Codegen variable names
Include the node name and parameter index in the variable name for easier debugging.
(Enabled for debug builds only)

Reviewed By: fclem, jbakker

Differential Revision:
0a16677741 GPU: Enabled Metal test cases.
This commit enabled the metal gpu backend test cases. These test cases
will currently fail, but are by default disabled.
d67cf5d288 GPU: State: Add GPU_BARRIER_UNIFORM
This allows to synchronise uniform buffer writes from compute shader
when an UBO is bound as SSBO.
f46b932c59 GPU: UniformBuffer: Add possibility to bind as SSBO
This way UBOs can be modified directly in shader just like VBOs and IBOs.
2e4ed11dd3 Fix (unreported) broken args handling in install_deps.
Issue likely introduced when openpgl lib was added a few months ago.
fc4c8a3647 Cleanup: Move OptiX denoiser code from device into denoiser class
Cycles already treats denoising fairly separate in its code, with a
dedicated `Denoiser` base class used to describe denoising
behavior. That class has been fully implemented for OIDN
(`denoiser_oidn.cpp`), but for OptiX was mostly empty
(`denoiser_optix.cpp`) and denoising was instead implemented in
the OptiX device. That meant denoising code was split over various
files and directories, making it a bit awkward to work with. This
patch moves the OptiX denoising implementation into the existing
`OptiXDenoiser` class, so that everything is in one place. There are
no functional changes, code has been mostly moved as-is. To
retain support for potential other denoiser implementations based
on a GPU device in the future, the `DeviceDenoiser` base class was
kept and slightly extended (and its file renamed to
`denoiser_gpu.cpp` to follow similar naming rules as

Differential Revision:
295dc61334 Fix T102495: Fix UI-invisible warning and failing liboverride creation in IDTemplate in some cases.
Replace `RNA_warning` uage by `WM_report`.

And allow creating liboverrides of linked obdata used by purely local
9826204157 Fix `WM_report` not printing into console.
Also make it print warnings, not only errors.

Related to D15732.
00113d6888 Report messages from override ID template to the UI.
Previously these were only written to the console with no UI feedback
whatsoever. Just a bit nicer to give the user some info that something
went wrong.

See also T102495.

Differential Revision:
893565268d Fix T102512: Snapping Option Face Nearest is not working
Caused by misuse of the `GS` macro.

Error in rB8f4e52b7e0dd
852a9ffa3d Fix T102482: Crash loading geometry nodes assets after file load
Asset library data is destructed on file load. Asset lists (weak and
hopefully temporary design) contain pointers into it that would dangle
then. Make sure the asset lists are destructed before the asset library
12c5ae7e06 GPU: Update Vulkan backend with latest API changes.
UniformBuf::bind_as_ssbo has been introduced.
eecd4b69f2 Sculpt: Fix mask from cavity settings issues
Mask from cavity can now pull settings from three
places: the operator properties, scene tool settings
or the brush.  This is needed to make the "create mask"
button work as expected.
f8afdc971f temp-sculpt-roll-mappings: Experimental quadratic spline code
Doesn't quite work yet.  The idea is to directly solve for
curve texture coordinates using a quadratic spline.
33a1472d4e temp-sculpt-roll-mapping: New strategy for spline tex mapping
Decomposing into a quadratic spline did not work.  Having
to test each segment individually for the closest point test
wasn't worth it.

New strategy is to (roughly) find the inflection points on
the curve and binary search them for the closest
point test.
733a764b07 temp-sculpt-roll-mapping: Implement symmetry/tile/radial modes
* Note that tile + radial does not work
* Also cleaned up the code a bit.
a238533550 temp-sculpt-roll-mapping: Visualization improvements
* Only draw curve line at start of stroke
* Fixed dash
Joseph Eagar requested review from Hans Goudey 2023-02-08 03:09:28 +01:00
Joseph Eagar requested review from Julien Kaspar 2023-02-08 03:09:44 +01:00
Joseph Eagar added 321 commits 2023-02-08 03:16:35 +01:00
15575b953d Merge By Distance: Optimize algorithm to find duplicate polygons
The most time-consuming operation in merge by distance is to find
duplicate faces (faces that are different but have the same vertices).

Therefore, some strategies were planned to optimize this algorithm:
- Store the corner indices in an array thus avoiding multiple calls of `weld_iter_loop_of_poly_next`;
- Create a map of polygons linked to edges instead of linked to vertices - this decreases the number of connections and reduces the calculation of the intersection of polygon indices.

There are other fields to optimize, like reusing the `wpolys` array
instead of creating a new array of corner offsets. And join some arrays
as members of the same struct to be used in the same buffer.
But for now, it is already a nice optimization. And the new
`poly_find_doubles` function can be reused in the future to create a
generic utility.

The result of the optimization varies greatly depending on the number
of polygons, the size of each polygon and the number of duplicates.
On average it was something around 2 times faster.

Worst case tested (old vs new): 0.1ms vs 0.3ms
Best case tested (old vs new): 10.0ms vs 3.2ms

Differential Revision:
7fc395354c Cleanup: Use offset indices arguments for curves utilities
Make the functions more flexible and more generic by changing the curves
arguments to the curve offsets. This way, theoretically they could become
normal utility functions in the future. Also do a consistency pass over
the algorithms that generate new curves geometry for naming and
code ordering, and use of utility functions. The functions are really
quite similar, and it's much easier to tell this way.
f24b9a7943 Cleanup: Rename to
In preparation for moving pbvh.c to C++, give this file a different name
so git will recognize that future commit as a rename.
79ba1a1ac8 Cleanup: Compiler warnings in new sculpt & workbench
Set but unused variables, unused arguments, unnecessary/incorrect type
casting, missing static qualifier. Unused arguments are removed.
42f8f98ee1 Fix T104088: Geometry nodes modifier boolean lost on undo
After object-mode undo (memfile undo), the value wan't lost, but the
property would be temporarily converted back to integer type in order
to be forward compatible. Now only use the forward compatible
writing when writing undo steps. Auto-saves and similar files are
currently not forward compatible anyway.
f72969f377 Fix T103888: Regression: Side-by-side stereo renders ignore color management
Looks like rB42937493d8253a295a97092315288f961e8c6dba accidentally dropped the
colorspace copy.
0ad4d07f10 Fix: Debug build compile error after recent cleanup commit
79ba1a1ac8 missed that this variable was used in an assert.
36a82314a0 Fix T71137: curve minimum twist producing wrong geometry
Only one point should be used to create a reference rotation for other
points to follow. Using two caused the resulting twist to be
asymmetric, especially noticeable on symmetrical, cyclic curves.

Alternate fix to D11886 which caused T101843.
6279042d21 Cleanup: use const, doc-string for BevList.poly & rename args
It wasn't clear that BevList.poly was used to check cyclic BevList's.
1c90f8209d Cycles: fix rendering with Nishita Sky Texture on Intel Arc GPUs
Speckles and missing lights were experienced in scenes with Nishita Sky
Texture and a Sun Size smaller than 1.5°, such as in Lone Monk and Attic
Increasing the precision of cosf fixes it.
a36e2a9b64 Gpencil: Expose stroke and point time properties to API
Two properties are now exposed in python API :
time of each point, and inittime of each stroke.

Reviewed by: Antonio Vazquez

Differential Revision:
c16bd34316 Fix: memory allocation before guarded allocator is initialized
Use the construct-on-first-use idiom to fix this.
cf332e896f GPencil: Fix unreported double rotation in Fill circles
The help circles to fill areas were rotated with the object rotation,
but as the stroke is part of the object, apply the rot matrix again
produced a double rotation, so it can be removed.
33edef15ed Fix T104095: missing crazy space data while sculpting curves
`remember_deformed_curve_positions_if_necessary` has to be called before
topology changing operations on curves. Otherwise the crazy-space data
is invalid.
4815d0706f Fix T103385: Asset Browser Thumbnails take long time to load
Regression in [0] caused by a change where path joining would
replace a forward slash with a back-slash when joining paths WIN32.
Now the directory is always used as a prefix for the paths returned
by BLI_filelist_dir_contents which resolves the regression.

[0]: 9f6a045e23
21eff2c0ac 3DTexturing: Improve fix seam bleeding for manifold parts of mesh.
Current implementation had some faulty assumtions and had some work
arounds for crashes that were actually limitation of the implementation.

The main reason for this was that the implementation didn't add new
primitives in the same direction it was already adding. Some when
incorrect behavior was detected it was assumed that the part wasn't
manifold (anymore) and didn't fix that part of the mesh.

The new implementation will extract a solution and use this solution
also as the order to generate primitives in uv space.

This patch fixes several crashes and improves the overall quality
when fixing seam bleeding. It also adds additional debug tools
(print_debug) implementation in order to find issues faster in the
10a06dfd11 Code-style: Rename internal parts of pbvh_uv_islands.
- InnerEdge -> FanSegment
- full -> is_manifold
6e4e5f6484 UI: Allow spawning file browser dialog from regular file browser editor
When some path property was displayed in the File Browser, clicking the
icon to open a file browser dialog to choose a file/directory would
show an error. While this makes sense when you are already in a file
browser dialog (we don't support such nested file browser dialogs),
allow it when the file browser is opened as a normal editor, not as a
3956c4738f GPencil: Change range for Length value in Simplify modifier
In some cases a smaller value is required. Anyways, the UI value
soft limit is 0.005
0931d91ab6 GPenciil: Small UI tweak
Remove duplicate `Layer` word
6899474615 Fix: crash when adding curves in curves sculpt mode with interpolation
There were two issues:
* The `new_point_counts_per_curve` was one too large, resulting in
  `interpolate_from_neighbors` reading invalid memory.
* Writing the counts into the existing offsets array didn't quite work
  because there can be a collision at the offset right between the
  last old curve and the first new point. There was a race condition
  where this value could be read and written at the same time.
ae80a6696f Geometry Nodes: don't show warning in modifier with multiple geometry inputs
Simon mentioned that this gets in the way more than it helps. No geometry
sockets currently show up in the modifier panel. People may build node groups
that have multiple geometry inputs that can be used when the group is used
as node instead of as modifier.

In the future we could also allow e.g. choosing an object to pass into a geometry
socket. That has the problem that we'd also have to duplicate other functionality
of the Object Info node (original vs. relative space).
fdcb55b285 Cycles: Switch microfacet code to non-separable shadowing-masking term
This gives closer results to what I've seen in papers and other renderers when
using the code to precompute albedo later (to replace MultiGGX).

It's usually a tiny difference, the only case where I've seen it matter is
in the `shader/node_group_float.blend` test - but that's a (single-scatter) GGX
closure with 0.9 roughness, so it's not too surprising. In any case, the new
result looks closer to Eevee, so that's good I guess.

Differential Revision:
e308b891c8 Cycles: Use faster and exact GGX VNDF sampling algorithm
Based on "Sampling the GGX Distribution of Visible Normals" by Eric Heitz

Also, this removes the lambdaI computation from the Beckmann sampling code and
just recomputes it below. We already need to recompute for two other cases
(GGX and clearcoat), so this makes the code more consistent.

In terms of performance, I don't expect a notable impact since the earlier
computation also was non-trivial, and while it probably was slightly more
accurate, I'd argue that being consistent between evaluation and sampling is
more important than absolute numerical accuracy anyways.

Differential Revision:
30b34735e3 Cleanup/refactor: Add a new flag for IDTypes that are not read in memfile undo.
Currently only affects 'UI' IDs (WindowManager, Screen, etc.), but in
the future other types may be affected as well.

NOTE: this is only used in readfile code itself, not in the
post-processing performed by `setup_app_data`, as this code is too
specific for such generic handling.
e56f284843 readfile: Fix 'virtual' issue in memfile case.
In many cases when reading undo memfile, n the 'restore id from old
main' part of the process, the 'id_old' is not set, which means that
the call to `BKE_main_idmap_insert_id` would try to dereference a `nullptr`.

In practice this is likely not an issue (see comment in code for details),
but at least explicitely check for a nullptr `id_old` pointer.

Would deffer actual cleanup of this area for after 3.5 is branched out.
a73a2d345f Fix T104044: keep order of UVMaps on load
Use a Vector<std::string> , instead of a Set<std::string> as a Set does
not keep the same order when iterating over it.

Differential Revision:
361ebe98d5 Draw: Workbench Next: Fix shadow culling after recent cleanup commit
79ba1a1ac8 changed virtual function signatures so they didn't match their parents.
0f52aa0954 Transform: Initialize 'transform_matrix' accordingly
Some transform modes are changeable, so callbacks should be reset

Currently the unchanged `transform_matrix` callback is not a major
issue as it is only used for gizmos and gizmos stop updating when
changing the operator type.
1ad11355a3 Transform: fix use of "snap_point" property
There is not much documentation on the "snap_point" property, but by
code it is possible to note that it serves to set a target snap point
and is of internal use as it is hidden from the Redo panel.

However, this property was still very dependent on Tools settings and
if set to an operator's call, it changes the scene configurations

- remove this dependency from UI for rotation and resize operators,
- do not change the state of the snap in the scene and
- cleanup the code.
c5d9938adc Fix T104073: Unable to add more than two strips in one channel
Originally, function `sequencer_generic_invoke_xy_guess_channel`
looked in what channel the last strip of the same type is and the
channel used for new strip placement. This was changed as a workaround
when sound strips were added below movie strips
Now these workarounds aren't necessary, but the function was left

Current logic is for adding movie strip to channel 1 is:
- Sound is added to channel 1
- Video is added to channel 2
- If there is only video, it is added to channel 1

Since movie may, or may not contain sound, it is not possible to align
added strips in a way that was done before, unless timeline is analyzed
more in detail, but this would be quite inefficient.
Also, note, that the code did not work, if strip is added next to
previous one, so it mostly did not work as intended.

This commit changes:
- Fix alignment not working when strip is added right next to previous
- Assume that movie strips have sound strip underneath it, so channel
  below last movie strip is picked
- For other strip types, pick channel of the last strip of same type

Ultimately, the code is still rather weak, and better system, like using
channel where strip was manually moved, or concept of "typed channels"
would improve this feature.
b51034b9ca Asset system: use native slash for AssetLibraryIndex.indices_base_path
When constructing run-time paths native slashes are preferred as WIN32
doesn't have full support for forward slashes in paths.
It can also cause problems when performing exact matches on paths
which are normalized, where normalizing one of the paths makes
comparisons fail.

Using the system native slash would have avoided T103385.
0c2b2cdb78 BLI_filelist: minor changes to bli_builddir behavior
- Don't call exit() when memory allocation fails, while unlikely
  internal failures should not be exiting the application.
- Don't print a message when the directory is empty as it's
  unnecessarily noisy.
- Print errors the the stderr & include the reason for opendir failing.
821dee6de4 CMake: de-duplicate option(..) for platform specific defaults
Use a variable for the default instead, avoid duplicate descriptions.
6c310acccc help now includes a GPU section & improve --gpu-backend error
- Include available GPU backends in the GPU backend error.
- Use stderr for the error message.
7416021bf7 Command Line Arguments: all errors now print to the stderr
This was done by some callbacks but not all.
Only use the stdout for status & information.
72c012ab4a Python: enable user site-packages without --python-use-system-env
User site-packages were disabled unless `--python-use-system-env`
argument was given. This was done to prevent Blender's Python
unintentionally using modules that happened to be installed locally,
however it meant so pip installing modules from Blender would fail to
load those modules (for some users).

Enable user site-packages since it's needed for installing additional
packages via pip, see code-comments for details.

Resolves T104000.
e27d1d9bb6 Fix broken `listdir` code.
Error in `bli_builddir` cahnges in B4815d0706fb5 commit.
12ca26afc2 Fix T104089: Removing greasepencil vertex group can leave no active
We should always have an active vertexgroup (making sure this is the
case was just not happening on the greasepencil side).

Now do this (similar to what is done for other object types in

Maniphest Tasks: T104089

Differential Revision:
69288daa74 Fix T100674: Use plural for axes option in object properties
This commit fixes T100674, Renamed the "axis" label under viewport display
panel to "axes" in object properties.

Differential Revision:
ffe45ad87a USD import unused materials.
Added a new Import All Materials USD import option.  When this
option is enabled, USD materials not used by any geometry will
be included in the import.  Imported materials with no users
will have a fake user assigned.

Maniphest Tasks: T97195

Differential Revision:
f954029e97 Curves Sculpt: Add report about missing surface for puff brush
This is done in the other sculpt brushes that require a surface object.
2f9346bc0a Fix T104071: Mix up in Realize Instances tooltip text
A mistake in the node type descriptions gave the node a description for
the reverse curve node.

Differential Revision:
9ad051140c Revert "Fix T71137: curve minimum twist producing wrong geometry"
This reverts commit 36a82314a0.
as it has broken tests for the last day and a half, it likely just
needs a test file update, but we can't keep this failing longer
than it already has.
fa57c691f6 USD IO CI Tests
Various new CI tests for USD Import / Export functionalty:

 - Added mesh import tests for topology types and multiple UV sets. (Python)

 - Added a verification tests for mesh topology. (C++)
 - Added a test to make sure UsdPreviewSurface export conversion of materials
is correct. (C++)

Reviewed by: Sybren and Hans.

Differential Revision:
c1beaea80f Fix T103587: Redo panel doesn't appear for spin operator
Regression in [0] which cleared the redo-panel if an operator added
its own undo step. This worked for sculpt to fix T101743, but caused
the redo-panel to be cleared for actions who's undo steps where created
by nested operators (which is the case for the spin operator).

Fix by checking an undo-step is added without registering an operator.

[0]: f68e50a263
564673b8ea Fix T71137: curve minimum twist producing wrong geometry
Only one point should be used to create a reference rotation for other
points to follow. Using two caused the resulting twist to be
asymmetric, especially noticeable on symmetrical, cyclic curves.

An update to [0] which broke curve_to_mesh & deform_modifiers tests,
now this change only applies to cyclic curves as the final result was
much greater for non-cyclic curves because of a difference between how
end-point directions are calculated (see code-comments for details).

Alternate fix to D11886 which caused T101843.

[0]: 36a82314a0.
ef39d85d7c Fix T104121: Grease pencil clear function in python not updated in viewport
The clear functions for grease pencil data/frame/layer
was not followed by immediate update in the viewport.
Some notifiers were missing in the rna definition of these functions,
which are added in by this patch.

Reviewed By: Antonio Vazquez

Differential Revision:
a42f307915 Shader Nodes: Use layers from evaluated mesh
The list was populated from the base (unevaluated) object, but now that
Geometry nodes can generate various layers this is impractical..

Differential Revision:
f7dd7d5454 Python API: add a method for reordering modifiers.
Add an `object.modifiers.move()` method, similar to the one
for constraints and some other collections. Currently reordering
modifiers requires using operators, which depend on context.

The implementation is straightforward, except for the need to
make the severity of errors reported by the underlying editor
code into a parameter, so that the new Python API function
reports any problems as Python exceptions, and refactoring
the code to allow aborting a blocked move before making any
changes. I also turn the negative index condition from an assert
into an error.

Differential Revision:
6d79bc0073 ImBuf: Use vector types in
Replace array types with the vector types. No functional changes.
f210842a72 Sequencer: Improve Image Transform Quality When Exporting.
Image Transform use linear or nearest sampling during editing and exporting.
This gets sampling is fine for images that aren't scaled. When sequencing
however you mostly want use some sort of scaling, that leads to poorer

This change will use sub-sampling to improve the quality. This is only
enabled when rendering. During editing the subsampling is disabled to
keep the user interface reacting as expected.

Another improvement is that image transform is stopped at the moment
it hadn't sampled at least 4 samples for a scan line. In that case we
expect that there are no further samples that would change to result.

In a future patch this could be replaced by a ray/bounding bo intersection
as that would remove some unneeded loops in both the single sampled and
sub sampled approach.
3b17d6c619 Sequencer: Made subsampling a transform option.
There are cases where automatic selection of subsampling doesn't work
This patch move adds a filtering option that
can enable this.
1fd54204b0 Enable commented out code.
Code was disabled for debugging purposes.
3b4486424a Fix repeated transform constraint orientations
On some occasions, as in cases where transform operations are triggered
via gizmos, the constrain orientations that can be toggled with
multiple clicks of X, Y or Z were repeated.

There is no use in maintaining repeated orientations.
d6c9cd445c Geometry Nodes: Skip sorting in topology nodes if possible
When the sort weights are a single value, they have no effect,
so sorting the relevant indices for the element will be wasted work.
The sorting is expensive compared to the rest of the node. In my
simple test of the points of curve node, it became 6 times faster
when the weights are a single value.
9a4c54e8b0 Fix: Curve to Points node has wrong field interface status
In 7536abbe16 changes make possible to input field as Count field.
But changes of declaration probably was forgotten. So now this input
can take field and node will be work. But input link was red. This
patch resolves this issue.

Differential Revision:
cdef135f6f USD import: Support importing USDZ.
This addressed feature request T99811.

Added the following features to fully support importing USDZ archives:

- Added .usdz to the list of supported extensions.
- Added new USD import options to copy textures from USDZ archives. The
textures may be imported as packed data (the default) or to a directory
on disk.
- Extended the USD material import logic to handle package-relative texture
assets paths by invoking the USD asset resolver to copy the textures from
the USDZ archive to a directory on disk. When importing in Packed mode,
the textures are first saved to Blender's temporary session directory
prior to packing.

The new USD import options are

- Import Textures: Behavior when importing textures from a USDZ archive
- Textures Directory: Path to the directory where imported textures will
be copied
- File Name Collision: Behavior when the name of an imported texture file
conflicts with an existing file

Import Textures menu options:

- None: Don't import textures
- Packed: Import textures as packed data (the default)
- Copy: Copy files to Textures Directory

File Name Collision menu options:

- Use Existing: If a file with the same name already exists, use that
instead of copying (the default)
- Overwrite: Overwrite existing files

Reviewed by: Bastien

Differential Revision:
3e90390918 Sculpt: Resolve `Shift R` shortcut conflicts
Based on T99607:
- Existing Angle Control shortcuts are removed
- Voxel, Dyntopo and Hair resolution shortcuts are remapped to `R`

Since voxel remeshing is not compatible with dyntopo, each can use the shortcut `R` for the remeshing resolution without causing a conflict.
The shortcut `R` is not currently used for anything important.
The angle control menu is commonly not used.
And sculpt mode is only coincidentally inheriting the rotate operator shortcut on `R` because nothing else is mapped to the key.

Reviewed By: Julien Kaspar and Hans Goudey and Joseph Eagar
Differential Revision:
Ref D16511
34a6591a07 Fix T98594: missing uv editor redraw with geometry nodes modifier
If an object has a geometry nodes modifier, the UVs on that object might change
in response to any change on any other object.

Now we will redraw the UV editor on any object change, not just the active object.

Differential Revision:
6c8db7c22b Fix T103868: render uv transform gizmo even if it has zero area
Change the 2D Gizmo drawing function to provide a usable transform matrix,
if it would otherwise be degenerate.

Differential Revision:
2b4bafeac6 UV: add "similar object" and "similar winding" to uv "select similar"
Adds new options to UV Face selection in the UV Editor, with UV > Select > Select Similar

In multi object edit mode, "Similar Object" selects faces which have the same object.

"Similar Winding" will select faces which have the same winding, i.e. are they
facing upwards or downwards.

Resolves: T103975
Differential Revision:
b3fd169259 ImBuf: Precalc subsamples to reduce branching.
Micro improvement to store delta uv per subsample. This reduces
branching that might happen on the CPU, but also makes it possible
to add other sub-sampling filters as well.

No changes for the end-user.
71d7c919c0 ImBuf: Limit transform region to pixels that are affected by the transformation.
Only the area where the source buffer will be drawn on the destination buffer
will be evaluated. This will improve performance in sequencer and image editors as
less calcuations needs to happen.
0cce653892 Cleanup: Pass double2 by reference.
Just to be sure if compilers aren't inlining the function that at
least the parameter isn't copied.
d5b026a16c Fix incorrect RNA path for GPencil brush settings, and add it for Curves brush settings.
RNA paths should be relative to their owner ID, not to some other ID!
79f70e48eb Fix: crash in mesh topology nodes
This was broken in rBd6c9cd445cb41480b40.
454057f9df Fix T104175: adding Blur Attribute node with link drag search fails
The node does not support blurring booleans, but that was not handled
property in link drag search.

Differential Revision:
75d6228583 PyAPI: Generic UIList for CollectionProperties
This patch adds a draw_ui_list() function, which is a wrapper around
layout.template_list(). It implements generic add/remove/move buttons,
passing the correct "row" integer to template_list(), as well as a
drop-down menu, if provided, making it a complete solution for
consistent UILists for addons.

Differential Revision:
073cf46b2e Fix Generic List move ops clickable with 1 element
Meant to include this piece of feedback from Sybren in D14119.
1fd1d24265 Revert accidental changes to sub-modules
When committing via VSCode's Git UI,
my commit 073cf46b2e
seems to have affected sub-modules.
Gotta be more careful!
138b3815e5 Fix (unreported) missing clear of deprecated Window data on fileread.
rB7f564d74f9ed (6 years ago!) forgot to clear the deprecated
`Window->screen` pointer on file read for recent-enough .blend files.

This is required since a valid value is always written in .blend files
for that pointer, to ensure backward compatibility.

The issue was never detected so far because that pointer is explicitely
reset to NULL after filewrite, which includes any memfile undostep
write, and usually existing UI data is re-used instead of loading the
one from the .blend file, so thedden  assert in `blo_lib_link_restore`
would never be triggered.

Now moved the assert at the end of `setup_app_data` to ensure it always
get checked.
3d7697b325 Tweak to previous commit: move checks on DNA deprecated data at the end of readfile code.
BKE blendfile should not be allowed to deal with DNA deprectaed data, so
move recent check in rB138b3815e528 into BLO readfile, in a new
`blo_read_file_checks` util that is being called at the very end of main
readfile code (`blo_read_file_internal` and `library_link_end`).
46c68c46a5 3D Texturing: Adding more cases where seams can be fixed.
Case added where a corner in uv space share the same edge in 3d space.
This used to work, but was lost when implementing
the new approach.
4635dd6aed Fix T104157: Deleting an active OSL node causes issues
Removing all OSL script nodes from the shader graph would cause that
graph to no longer report it using `KERNEL_FEATURE_SHADER_RAYTRACE`
via `ShaderManager::get_graph_kernel_features`, but the shader object
itself still would have the `has_surface_raytrace` field set.
This caused kernels to be reloaded without shader raytracing support, but
kernel would still be invoked since the shader continued to report it
requiring that through the `SD_HAS_RAYTRACE` flag set because of
Fix that by ensuring `has_surface_raytrace` is reset on every shader update,
so that when all OSL script nodes are deleted it is set to false, and only
stays true when there are still OSL script nodes (or other nodes using it).

Maniphest Tasks: T104157

Differential Revision:
b67b84bd5d Fix T103984: USD exports pass usdchecker
These changes were authored by Michael B Johnson (drwave).

The default Blender USD export currently produces files that trigger
errors in the usdchecker that ships with USD 22.11.

The changes are:

- Set the defaultPrim if no defaultPrim is set. This sets it to the
first prim in the hierarchy which matches the behaviour of Pixar's
referencing (where referencing a USD layer without a defaultPrim will
pick the first prim) as well as matches the logic in Pixar's Maya USD
exporter code.

- Applies the MaterialBindingAPI to prims with material binding
attributes. This is a relatively new requirement for USD as it will
help for efficiency with upcoming changes to Hydra.

- Removes the preview scope in the USD shader hierarchy, because it
is no longer valid for shaders to have any non-container ancestors in
their hierarchy up until the enclosing Material prim.

Reviewed by: Michael Kowalski

Differential Revision:
e99ae0a75d Vulkan: Tweaks to CMake configuration.
MoltenVK wasn't found as it was previous part of lib/vulkan.
as lib/vulkan now doesn't contain
the full sdk, we will use a moltenvk folder.

At this moment the moltenvk folder isn't filled, but will eventually be.
000e722c7d Geometry Nodes: Optimize start point case of Points of Curve node
In the node groups for T103730, the "Points of Curve" node is often used to
retrieve the root point of every curve. Since the curve point offsets array
already contains that data directly, we can detect this as a special case and
avoid all the other work.

Differential Revision:
179605bd2d Fix T104168: No active UV when reading auto-save files
Similar to 6d12d43a05, we should skip the
legacy to generic conversion if there's nothing to convert.
0050d6d399 Cleanup: move function to file where it is used
`drawLine` is only used for constraint, so it should be in
f5e76aa39e Cleanup: Array types, const, math API in workbench code
Some miscellaneous cleanups left over from a fix/cleanup combo:
- Use const variables
- Use the C++ `math` namespace functions
- Use `std::array` for arrays with size known at compile time
- Use `MutableSpan` instead of reference to array

Differential Revision:
328772f2d9 Mesh: Add operator to flip quad tessellation
This adds a new operator: bpy.ops.mesh.flip_quad_tessellation()

This operator rotates the internal loops of the selected quads, allowing
the user to control tessellation without destructively altering the


This operator can be found in the "Face" menu (Ctrl+F) under "Face


Reviewed By: campbellbarton, dbystedt

Differential Revision:
9facc5067a Cleanup: Simplify mesh and point cloud conversion
Since mesh positions are stored as a generic attribute,
the attribute doesn't need special handling here.
cef03c867b UV: cleanup winding
Simplify `BM_uv_element_map_create` by using `BM_face_calc_area_uv_signed`.

Remove unused UV winding code in `BM_uv_vert_map_create`.

Fixes unlikely memory leak in `BKE_mesh_uv_vert_map_create`.

No functional changes.

Differential Revision:
d7e914270f Fix (unreported): Pasted strip is not active
Broken by renaming strip before comparing name to reference.
3a9e589142 Fix (Unreported): VSE side panel flickering when tweaking offset value
Panel was split by factor calculated from property value string length.
Since these properties have float type now, calculated length was
4e9c6929c1 VSE: Handle drivers when duplicating strips
Most operations where strips are duplicated use `SEQ_animation` API,
which handles keyframe animation. Now drivers are handled as well.

When group of strips is duplicated and driver references other strip,
it will still reference original strip. However, this is much better,
than previous behavior, when strip duplication results in "transfer" of
driver from original strip to duplicated one.

Fixes T104141
89aae4ac82 Node Editor: Controlled node link swapping
Allow to explicitly swap node links by pressing the alt-key while
reconnecting node links. This replaces the old auto-swapping based on
matching prefixes in socket names.

The new behavior works as follows:

* By default plugging links into already occupied (single input)
  sockets will connect the dragged link and remove the existing one.
* Pressing the alt-key while dragging an existing node link from one
  socket to another socket that is already connected will swap the
  links' destinations.
* Pressing the alt-key while dragging a new node link into an already
  linked socket will try to reconnect the existing links into another
  socket of the same type and remove the links, if no matching socket
  is found on the node. This is similar to the old auto-swapping.

Swapping links from or to multi input sockets is not supported.

This commit also makes the link drag tooltip better visible, when using
light themes by using the text theme color.

Reviewed By: Hans Goudey, Simon Thommes

Differential Revision:
904357d67a Fix: assert when converting between incompatible field types
This results in a compile time error now which hopefully prevents
this specific kind of mistake in the future.
b2534fb866 Fix: anonymous attribute output requested even though it's not used
The code removed here was intended to be an optimization that
avoids creating an additional node to join multiple attribute sets.
However, that optimization did not work, because it did not take
into account whether the single attribute set is required or not.
90253ad2e7 Geometry Nodes: avoid creating a lazy function many times
It's better to use some statically allocated functions instead
of dynamically allocating them all the time.
e497da5fda Fix: off by one error in previous commit
Fixes rB90253ad2e753acde161b38d82bd650d54d3f6581.
042775ad48 Sculpt: Fix T104068, depth calculation error in trim tools
Also made the coplanar padding factor relative.
ad146bd17a Fix T103852: Muting timeline channel does not update image
Add RNA update function to invalidate cache for all strips in channel.
90e9406866 VSE: Add Update scene frame range operator
This operator updates scene strip internal length to reflect target
scene length. Previously scene strip had to be deleted and added from
scratch. Scene strip length in timeline will not be changed.
75c772391d I18n: construct report verbosely when moving objects to collection
When moving or linking an object to a collection, the report was not
properly translatable. In French for instance, it would give
nonsensical half-translated sentences such as "<Object> moved vers
<collection>", instead of "<Object> déplacé vers <collection>".

Instead, separate the report into the four possible translations (one
or multiple objects, linking or moving). This is very verbose and less
legible, but it ensure the sentences can be properly translated,
including plurals in languages which use grammatical agreement.

In addition, use BKE_collection_ui_name_get() to get the collection
name, because the Scene Collection's name is hardcoded, but it can be

Reviewed By: mont29

Differential Revision:
db87e2a638 I18n: extract and disambiguate a few messages
- EEVEE: Compiling Shaders (the same message exists in EEVEE Next, but
  it uses string concatenation and I don't know yet how to deal with
  those--see T92758)

- Pan (audio, camera)
- Box (TextSequence)
- Mix (noun in constraints, GP materials)
- Volume (object type, file system)
- Floor (math integer part, 3D viewport horizontal plane)
  - Impossible to disambiguate the constraint name because
    bConstraintTypeInfo doesn't have a context field.
- Show Overlay (in the sequence editor, use the same message as other
  editors to avoid a confusion with the Frame Overlay feature, also
  called "Show Overlay")

Additionally, fix a few issues reported by Joan Pujolar (@jpujolar)
in T101830.

Reviewed By: mont29

Differential Revision:
2ff08d6d9c Cleanup: Pass explicit type to `MEM_cnew`.
Better avoid fancy implicit typing in this template, and be clear about
what type is actually being allocated.
d0f55aa671 Vulkan: Fix GLSL compilation errors.
Recent changes in our GLSL libraries didn't compile on Vulkan. This
change reverts a compile directive that was removed, but required
in order to compile using the Vulkan backend.
57552f52b2 Metal: Realtime compositor enablement with addition of GPU Compute.
This patch adds support for compilation and execution of GLSL compute shaders. This, along with a few systematic changes and fixes, enable realtime compositor functionality with the Metal backend on macOS. A number of GLSL source modifications have been made to add the required level of type explicitness, allowing all compilations to succeed.

GLSL Compute shader compilation follows a similar path to Vertex/Fragment translation, with added support for shader atomics, shared memory blocks and barriers.

Texture flags have also been updated to ensure correct read/write specification for textures used within the compositor pipeline. GPU command submission changes have also been made in the high level path, when Metal is used, to address command buffer time-outs caused by certain expensive compute shaders.

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

Ref T96261
Ref T99210

Reviewed By: fclem

Maniphest Tasks: T99210, T96261

Differential Revision:
6dde185dc4 Metal: Fix edge-case with point primitive restart index removal where all indices are restarts.
Metal backend does not support primtiive restart for point primtiives. Hence strip_restart_indices removes restart indices by swapping them to the end of the index buffer and reducing the length.
An edge-case existed where all indices within the index buffer were restarts and no valid swap-index would be found, resulting in a buffer underflow.

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

Ref T96261

Reviewed By: fclem

Maniphest Tasks: T96261

Differential Revision:
a36c1cabce Vulkan: Changes to CMake config.
Paths to vulkan libraries, paths and related components were
hardcoded in the platform cmake file. This patch separates
this by using adding CMake modules for Vulkan and ShaderC.

This change has only been applied to the macOs configuration as
that is currently our main platform for development. Other platforms
will be added during the development of the Vulkan back-end.
411345757c Cleanup: Remove unused variable.
Introduced in recent commit.
596ee79a9f Metal: Optimize shader local memory usage.
Due to shader global scope emulation via class interface, global constant arrays in shaders are allocated in per-thread shader local memory. To reduce memory pressure, placing these constant arrays inside function scope will ensure they only reside within device constant memory. This results in a tangible 1.5-2x performance uplift for the specific shaders affected.

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

Ref T96261

Reviewed By: fclem

Maniphest Tasks: T96261

Differential Revision:
62dd0855a9 Cleanup: Remove special handling of 3DCursor in undo code.
Such preserve-across-undo data handling is now done through the IDType
callbacks, see e.g. `scene_undo_preserve` for the 3DCursor case.
d4d4efd3d3 GPU: Use create info for compute test cases.
Compute test case still used legacy API to construct
GLSL shaders. This change will migrate it to use the

In preparation to run test-cases against non-opengl
aca9c131fc Metal: Fix issue with premature safe buffer list flush and optimize memory manager overhead.
Resolve an issue where released buffers were returned to the reusable memory pool before GPU work associated with these buffers had been encoded. Usually release of memory pools is dependent on successful completion of GPU work via command buffer callbacks. However, if the pool refresh operation occurs between encoding of work and submission, buffer ref-count is prematurely decremented.

Patch also ensures safe buffer free lists are only flushed once a set number of buffers have been used. This reduces overhead of small and frequent flushes, without raising the memory ceiling significantly.

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

Ref T96261

Reviewed By: fclem

Maniphest Tasks: T96261

Differential Revision:
ce13d0d326 GPU: Only compile test shaders when test cases option is enabled.
The glsl files + create infos of shaders that are only used
during development where still being compiled into blender.

This isn't needed and shouldn't be included. This change will
only include them when WITH_GTEST and WITH_OPENGL_DRAW_TESTS are
enabled. All other cases those files will be skipped.
c79b55fc05 USD export: add scale and bias for normal maps.
Changes authored by Michael B Johnson (drwave).

This addresses the issue in T102911.

Add scale and bias inputs to ensure the normals are
in tangent space [(-1,-1,-1), (1,1,1)].

This is following the convention as set in the USD Spec

Differential Revision:
f4deed288b USD export: style fixes to previous commit.
Changed to C-style comments and added braces.
87a923fdb6 GPU: Add SSBO binding test to new structure.
This test was added to test the shader info structure binding
information for SSBOs. It still used the legacy GLSL structure.
129093fbce Cycles: Fix crash when rendering with OSL on multiple GPUs
The `MultiDevice` implementation of `get_cpu_osl_memory` returns a
nullptr when there is no CPU device in the mix. As such access to that
crashed in `update_osl_globals`. But that only updates maps that are not
currently used on the GPU anyway, so can just skip that when the CPU
is not used for rendering.

Maniphest Tasks: T104216
f359a39d11 Fix T100028: Convert USD camera properties to mm from USD units.
Authored by Sonny Campbell.

Currently when importing a USD file, some of the camera properties are
ignored, or the units are not converted correctly from USD world units.
On import we currently set the focal length, but not the camera sensor
size (horizontal and vertical aperture), so the camera field of view
is wrong. The sensor size information is in the USD file, but is ignored
for perspective cameras.

USD uses "tenth of a world unit" scale for some physical camera properties
like focal length and aperture.

I have added the UsdStage's metersPerUnit parameter to the ImportSettings
so the camera can do the required conversion on import. This will convert from
the USD file's world units to millimeters for Blender's camera settings.

Reviewed by: Sybren and makowalski.

Differential Revision:
ea8fd343eb Gitea: add merge message templates
To add the pull request # at the end of the commit.
27b4916b1a Cleanup: spelling in comments
Also minor changes in comments:
- Reference BLENDER_HISTORY_FILE instead of the literal file-name
  (simplifies looking up usage).
- Use usernames in tags, as noted in code-style.
4f1800d70a Docs: note that delimiting by winding could be supported
Some users requested this behavior since it was removed,
so note that it could be supported again.
b7e178cb7d GPU: Cross test OpenGL tests to Vulkan.
Enhanced the GPU_TEST macro to also handle Vulkan backend
when WITH_VULKAN_BACKEND compilation option has been
d8cd8a0852 Cleanup: remove compilation warning
Unused parameter in vk_backend.
d44d165e8a Vulkan: Fix compilation on Linux.
ShaderC was missing and is required for compilation.
59aefaf3d0 Vulkan: Fix assert when compiling transform feedback shaders.
Transform feedback shaders don't have a fragment shader and should not
fail when it is not given.
3d765f6527 GPU: Fix gpu_math_test.glsl test case.
Test results were generated from incorrect code.
Code was fixed, but test results weren't updated.
This patch updates the test results to match the implementation.
- `projection_perspective.w.w == 0.0`
9f866a92dc Fix T104176: Smooth modifier with vergex group not work for negative factors.
Regression from rBabc8d6b12ce9, over three years ago!

Should be backported to the active LTS releases too.
f3bd5458a3 Metal: Optimise shader texture cache usage and branch reduction via point sampling.
Replace texelFetch calls with a texture point-sample rather than a textureRead call. This increases texture cache utilisation when mixing between sampled calls and reads. Bounds checking can also be removed from these functions, reducing instruction count and branch divergence, as the sampler routine handles range clamping.

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White
Ref T96261

Depends on D16923

Reviewed By: fclem

Maniphest Tasks: T96261

Differential Revision:
a504058dee Metal: Optimize GLSL to MSL translation. Improve cached compilation
Reduces the GLSL to MSL translation stage of shader compilation from 120 ms to 5 ms for complex EEVEE materials. This manifests in faster overall compilations, and faster cache hits for secondary compilations, as the MSL variant is needed as a key.

Startup time is also improved for both first-run and second-run. Note that this change does not affect shader compilation times within the Metal API.

Also disables shader output to disk

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

Ref T96261
Depends on D16990

Reviewed By: fclem

Maniphest Tasks: T96261

Differential Revision:
c1e5359eba GPencil: Use BLI_math_matrix_type.hh instead of BLI_math_float4x4.hh
Straightforward port. I took the oportunity to remove some C vector
functions (ex: `copy_v2_v2()`).

Reviewed By: antoniov

Differential Revision:
59b7aec9a2 VSE: Add missing NULL check in poll
Commit 90e9406866 forgot to add a NULL check for `ed`
a837604d44 BLI: Math: Add `xy()` and `xyz()` swizzle functions
Thoses are added for better component masking syntax.
This avoids the harder to read `float2(my_vec4)`.

This is not meant to be fully usable swizzling support but could be
extended in the future.
6de43f6f04 BLI: Fix invalid swizzle commit
This fix incorrect rBa837604d44a0 commit
1cb04af1df BLI: Fix missing const correctness
This fix incorrect rBa837604d44a0 commit
ce42906b89 Fix wrong spot light blend circle radius in viewport
Was using squared cosine instead of cosine. The problem is obvious for large spread angles.
The images are generating by returning `floor(spotmask)` in function `spot_attenuation()` in `lights_lib.glsl`.
fa9fc59b56 Fix T104240: OptiX OSL texture loading broken with displacement
The image manager used to handle OSL textures on the GPU by
default loads images after displacement is evaluated. This is a
problem when the displacement shader uses any textures, hence
why the geometry manager already makes the image manager
load any images used in the displacement shader graph early
This only handled Cycles image nodes however, not OSL nodes, so
if any `texture` calls were made in OSL those would be missed and
therefore crash when accessed on the GPU. Unfortunately it is not
simple to determine which textures referenced by OSL are needed
for displacement, so the solution for now is to simply load all of
them early if true displacement is used.
This patch also fixes the result of the displacement shader not
being used properly in OptiX.

Maniphest Tasks: T104240

Differential Revision:
11a9578a19 Geometry Nodes: hide group inputs with "Hide Value" enabled in modifier
When the "Hide Value" option of a group input is enabled, only its name
is displayed in group nodes. Modifiers should have the same behavior.
However, for modifiers, only showing the name does not make sense
when the user can't edit the value. Therefore the value is not shown at all.
0a9520ce84 Sculpt: Un-invert expand normal falloff
Normals falloff mask is created inverted compared
to how other falloffs work.  It's now un-inverted
in a final step at the end.

Also exposed the normals falloff smooth steps as
an RNA property.
345dded146 Revert "Geometry Nodes: hide group inputs with "Hide Value" enabled in modifier"
This reverts commit 11a9578a19.

Reverting this because there was a miscommunication between Simon and me. Shortly
before I committed the change, Simon noticed that there are cases when "Hide Value"
is checked to hide the value in a group node, but we still want to show the value
in the modifier.
e515f81318 Cleanup: move swapping objects in a collection to a utility function
Including this logic inline complicated D17016 & was noted as a TODO.
5a97b282e9 Fix (unreported) crash when importing data with custom normals.
The usage of `index` was inverted between destination array of vectors
and source vector in rB3a3d9488a1633.
9b86741ae7 FIx possible return of string without null character
`WM_modalkeymap_items_to_string` is expected to always return a string.

But in the special case of zero length, the returned string was not
terminated with `'\0'`.

This can cause problems with the header of the knife tool for example.
It always uses the returned string.

(This issue was observed when investigating T103804).
a4868f2058 Fix T104136: Crash with Mesh to Volume & Simplify
Blender crashes when Simplify is enabled and set to 0.
This is because mesh_to_volume_grid returns nullptr at voxel size 0.
A simple null-check fixes this problem.

Differential Revision:
d82ffb9787 Fix T103530: Allow Recursive File Lists
In File Browser, correct full path creation so that it works correctly
in recursive listings.

See D17175 for more details.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Julian Eisel
31a6400279 Fix error referencing transition context which doesn't exist
Regression in [0] added reference to constraint which doesn't exist.

[0]: db87e2a638
99520a79b6 Viewport Compositor: Platform support message.
In the previous situation the message was shown for Apple devices.
But this is not correct and confusing.

- Apple with Metal backend are supported, OpenGL on Apple isn't
- Legacy devices on Windows or Linux are also not supported.

This change will check that the capabilities of the GPU match the
requirements to use Viewport compositor. Based on those capabilities
a message is shown and the panel is activated.
199233eee1 Cleanup: Change VMA from CRLF to LF.
To match the rest of our repository.
e1ee86b63c Change default AV1 encoder for "slowest"
Previously, having the "Encoding speed" set to "slowest" would choose
libaom-av1 first and librav1e second. This change makes Blender choose
librav1e first (and has a fallback to whatever other AV1 codec is
available if librav1e is not installed).

Addresses /T103849 on systems where librav1e codec available.

Reviewed By: sergey, ISS

Maniphest Tasks: T103849

Differential Revision:
d92edca862 Fix: CustomData layers become unsorted in versioning
n versioning, when converting CD_SCULPT_FACE_SETS to CD_PROP_INT32
the layers were not kept properly ordered by type.

This was discovered while investigating T104053

Differential Revision: D17165
6c66f3e2b3 GPU: Remove prototype without implementation.
`GPUShaderInterface(const ShaderCreateInfo&)` is defined but its
implementation has been removed.
644d54a193 GPU: Fix memory leak in VkShader.
std::string makes a copy, without taking ownership.
d77b87eb93 Fix invalid versioning code for meshes
The issue was introduced in d92edca8622: one shall not use
polygon index to index polygon custom data layer.
49ad91b5ab Animation: Enable Pin Icon in the Dope Sheet
Even though the dope sheet respects the pinned channels, it did not show the icon to interact with the pinned state.

This adds the icon to the dope sheet as well.


Reviewed by: Sybren A. Stüvel
Differential Revision:
Ref: D17061
c1b85103fe GPU: Added testcase for SSBO/Compute.
Test case is a smaller step towards supporting Vulkan. Other
test cases rely on SSBOs as well so it is better to first satisfy
this step before handling the others.
c2c6707919 Fix T102690: Object can be animated with a single keyframe
Remove some assumptions that an FCurve with a single keyframe always is
extrapolated in constant fashion. There's no reason for the Beziér handles
to be ignored in such a case.

FCurve evaluation already worked properly, it was just the drawing in the
graph editor and the selectability of the handles that needed adjustments.
fe5d54d3d0 Gizmo: add new cage2d draw style for circular shapes
`ED_GIZMO_CAGE2D_STYLE_CIRCLE` now draw circles. The previous `ED_GIZMO_CAGE2D_STYLE_CIRCLE`, which drew rectangles, is renamed to `ED_GIZMO_CAGE2D_STYLE_RECTANGLE`. The meaning of `ED_GIZMO_CAGE2D_STYLE_BOX` is now unclear and probably needs to be renamed too.
Ref T104280

Maniphest Tasks: T104280

Differential Revision:
04aab7d516 Animation: Add "Select Linked Vertices" to Weight Paint Mode
Adds two operators to select linked  vertices in weight paint mode.
Similar to how it works in edit mode.
Press "L" to select vertices under the cursor,
or CTRL + "L" to select anything linked to the current selection.

Reviewed by: Sybren A. Stüvel, Hans Goudey, Marion Stalke
Differential Revision:
Ref: D16848
2a19810f97 Fix T104296: crash caused by incorrectly initialized group nodes
Versioning code in `do_versions_after_linking_260` inserted new group input
and output nodes. And (reasonably?) expected sockets to exist on those nodes.
However, `nodeAddStaticNode` did not initialize sockets on nodes with that use
`declare_dynamic` yet. This patch changes it so that `declare_dynamic` is used
in more places, which caused issues during file loading when node groups are
updated in somewhat arbitrary order (not in an order that is based on which
groups use which).

Differential Revision:
7208938707 Fix T104278: incorrect handling of unavailable linked node groups
The declaration of group nodes using unavailable linked groups contains
a `skip_updating_sockets` tag, which indicates that the node shouldn't
change. This information was not used properly further down the line.
fc2a64e21a Win32: Better Error Handling in BLI_file_attributes
After Win32 API call GetFileAttributesW, check for
INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES, which is returned on error,
usually if file not found.

See D17176 for more details.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Ray Molenkamp
fdc81be213 Fix T104223: attribute not propagated to Set Curve Radius node
This declaration change tells the evaluation system that the radius
field is evaluated on the input geometry. Which in turn means that
attributes referenced by the radius field should be propagated to
the geometry.
ca99a59605 Fix T104261: crash when trying to draw viewer overlay for empty curve
`BKE_displist_make_curveTypes` only sets `curve_eval` if the final geometry
of the object actually contains curve data, otherwise it's null.
52de84b0db BLI: Use BLI_math_matrix_type.hh instead of BLI_math_float4x4.hh
Straightforward port. I took the oportunity to remove some C vector
functions (ex: `copy_v2_v2`).

This makes some changes to DRWView to accomodate the alignement
requirements of the float4x4 type.
b5e00a1482 Revert "BLI: Use BLI_math_matrix_type.hh instead of BLI_math_float4x4.hh"
This reverts commit 52de84b0db.

had some build issues on windows i can't quickly resolve, revert for
now while we fix the problems
023277359f Fix T104053: Limit pbvh recursion
The recursion depth was checked for equality with a maximum depth,
allowing leaves with more primitives if a certain depth was reached.

However, a single leaf must always use the same material (including
set_smooth), so if a leaf contained multiple materials it was split
anyway. This meant that in the next recursion step the depth was
larger than the cutoff value and it would go back to recursing until
the number of primitives was small enough, ignoring the recursion
depth for the rest of the process.

In certain edge cases this could lead to a stack overflow.

Even with the check changed from 'equality' to 'larger or equal'
this could still fail in the pathological case where every primitive
has another material. But that can't be helped, and it wouldn't
realistically happen either.

Differential Revsision:
27e2b32a06 Cleanup: Remove redundant calls to init grids
`BKE_volume_init_grids` gets called in `volume_init_data` that is run
on creating new datablocks so it's unnecessary to run it separately.
c468aeefb5 PyAPI: updates to bl_ui.generic_ui_list which didn't follow conventions
- Replace type annotations with doc-strings, the current conventions is
  not to use type annotations in startup scripts.
- Replace abbreviation "idx" with "index" in public arguments/properties.
- Replace `len(..) > 0` with boolean checks.
- Add `__all__` to list public members.
- Use `arg` instead of `param` for doc-strings.
- Locate the doc-string so it shows as `__doc__`.
9565ea0724 IO: Harmonize UI for selection of axes in OBJ and Collada
Implements T103858: in OBJ importer and exporter, and in Collada
exporter, present axis choices as a dropdown instead of inline button

Reviewed By: Bastien Montagne
Differential Revision:
a45a881534 Spelling: `familly` -> `family`.
Fix spelling mistake originated from tmp-vulkan branch.
ab3e1809b6 Vulkan: Select graphics queue with compute capabilities.
There might be cases that the graphics queue and compute
queue are separated, but that would be something that we
will solve in the future.
d335db09e0 Fix T90893: Restoring a key in the keymap editor doesn't work if the key is only disabled
Reset `KMI_INACTIVE` flag when restore-item  button is called

Reviewed By: campbellbarton

Differential Revision:
0f51b5b599 Animation: Add Operator for adding FCurve modifiers to more menus
The operator has the option to add to selected FCurves instead
of only the active, but it was only exposed in the redo panel.
This patch adds the operator to the right-click menu on FCurve channels,
and to the channel menu in the Graph editor.
Both times with configured to add to selected
instead of only the active FCurve

Revied by Reviewed by: Sybren A. Stüvel
Differential Revision:
Ref: D17066
af0d378177 Cleanup: Move multires reshape header to C++
For continued refactoring of the Mesh data structure. See T103343.
19b63b932d Fix transform gizmo not updating according to state
Whenever a transform operation is activated by gizmo, the gizmo
modal is maintained, but its drawing remains the same even if the
transform mode or constrain is changed.

So update the gizmo according to the mode or constrain set.

NOTE: Currently only 3D view gizmo is affected
ebe8f8ce71 BMesh: Parallelize BMesh to evaluated Mesh conversion
Currently this conversion (which happens when using modifiers in edit
mode, for example) is completely single threaded. It's harder than some
other areas to multithread because BMesh elements don't always know
their indices (and vise versa), and because the dynamic AoS format
used by BMesh makes some typical solutions not helpful.

This patch proposes to split the operation into two steps. The first
updates the indices of BMesh elements and builds tables for easy
iteration later. It also checks if some optional mesh attributes
should be added. The second uses parallel loops over all elements,
copying attribute values and building the Mesh topology.

Both steps process different domains in separate threads (though the
first has to combine faces and loops). Though this isn't proper data
parallelism, it's quite helpful because each domain doesn't affect the

I tested this on a Ryzen 7950x with a 1 million face grid, with no
extra attributes and then with several color attributes and vertex

| File | Before | After |
| Simple | 101.6 ms | 59.6 ms |
| More Attributes | 149.2 ms | 65.6 ms |

The optimization scales better with more attributes on the BMesh. The
speedup isn't as linear as multithreading other operations, indicating
added overhead. I think this is worth it though, because the user is
usually actively interacting with a mesh in edit mode.

See the differential revision for more timing information.

Differential Revision:
d204830107 UI: Make uiBut safe for non-trivial construction
No user-visible changes expected.

Essentially, this makes it possible to use C++ types like `std::function`
inside `uiBut`. This has plenty of benefits, for example this should help
significantly reducing unsafe `void *` use (since a `std::function` can hold
arbitrary data while preserving types).


I wanted to use a non-trivially-constructible C++ type (`std::function`) inside
`uiBut`. But this would mean we can't use `MEM_cnew()` like allocation anymore.

Rather than writing worse code, allow non-trivial construction for `uiBut`.
Member-initializing all members is annoying since there are so many, but rather
safe than sorry. As we use more C++ types (e.g. convert callbacks to use
`std::function`), this should become less since they initialize properly on
default construction.

Also use proper C++ inheritance for `uiBut` subtypes, the old way to allocate
based on size isn't working anymore.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by: Hans Goudey
fcc1166821 GPU: Disable verbose GLSL variable names in debug builds
GpuInput::node can be deallocated in some cases. (See T104265)
This is a temp workaround until a proper solution is implemented.
dc79281223 Nodes: Add modal keymap for Node link drag
This will add a proper modal keymap for the node link drag operator.
It allows the user to customize the keys used to start drag and so on.
Also it gets rid of the custom status bar message.

Differential Revision:
7f958217ad Curves: Use shared caches for evaluated data
Use the `SharedCache` concept introduced in D16204 to share lazily
calculated evaluated data between original and multiple evaluated
curves data-blocks. Combined with D14139, this should basically remove
most costs associated with copying large curves data-blocks (though
they add slightly higher constant overhead). The caches should
interact well with undo steps, limiting recalculations on undo/redo.

Options for avoiding the new overhead associated with the shared
caches are described in T104327 and can be addressed separately.

Simple situations affected by this change are using any of the following data
on an evaluated curves data-block without first invalidating it:
- Evaluated offsets (size of evaluated curves)
- Evaluated positions
- Evaluated tangents
- Evaluated normals
- Evaluated lengths (spline parameter node)
- Internal Bezier and NURBS caches

In a test with 4m points and 170k curves, using curve normals in a
procedural setup that didn't change positions procedurally gave 5x
faster playback speeds. Avoiding recalculating the offsets on every
update saved about 3 ms for every sculpt update for brushes that don't
change topology.

Differential Revision:
6590a288b0 Fix number sliders not working
Own mistake in d204830107.

For some buttons the type is changed after construction, which means the button
has to be reconstructed. For example number buttons can be turned into number
slider buttons this way. New code was unintentionally overriding the button
type after reconstruction with the old type again.
b454416927 Cycles: add non-uniform scaling to spot light size
Cycles ignores the size of spot lights, therefore the illuminated area doesn't match the gizmo. This patch resolves this discrepancy.
| Before (Cycles) | After (Cycles) | Eevee
This is done by scaling the ray direction by the size of the cone. The implementation of `spot_light_attenuation()` in `spot.h` matches `spot_attenuation()` in `lights_lib.glsl`.
**Test file**:

Differential Revision:
0220bdc2d5 Cycles: Tests: Add option to increase SPP for manual comparisons
Useful for validating changes when sampling/noise changes:
- Apply your change
- Compare
- Reset the SVN repo

Differential Revision:
73000c792d Cycles: Reorganize Fresnel handling in Microfacet closures
This is both a cleanup and a preparation for the Principled v2 changes.
Notable changes:
- Clearcoat weight is now folded into the closure weight, there's no reason
  to track this separately.
- There's a general-purpose helper for computing a Closure's albedo, which is
  currently used by the denoising albedo and diffuse/gloss/transmission color
- The d/g/t color passes didn't account for closure albedo before, this means
  that e.g. metallic shaders with Principled v2 now have their color texture
  included in the glossy color pass. Also fixes T104041 (sheen albedo).
- Instead of precomputing and storing the albedo during shader setup, compute
  it when needed. This is technically redundant since we still need to compute
  it on shader setup to adjust the sample weight, but the operation is cheap
  enough that freeing up the storage seems worth it.
- Future changes (Principled v2) are easier to integrate since the Fresnel
  handling isn't all over the place anymore.
- Fresnel handling in the Multiscattering GGX code is still ugly, but since
  removing that entirely is the next step, putting effort into cleaning it up
  doesn't seem worth it.
- Apart from the d/g/t color passes, no changes to render results are expected.

Differential Revision:
90f36fc50e Fix (unreported): snap to object origin not respecting clipping planes
There was an incorrect conversion for local clip planes although the
coordinates used are in world positions.
ab9c34e7e7 Fix T104316: Width of headerless panels on regions with overlap
In some cases panels without headers were drawn too wide in sidebars
with region overlap.

Instead of always using the maximum width the view allows, headerless
panels now also use the width calculated in
`panel_draw_width_from_max_width_get`. The function already returns the
correct width in all cases and also takes care of insetting the panels,
when their backdrop needs to be drawn, which is necessary for headerless
panels, too, when there is region overlap.

Reviewed By: Hans Goudey

Differential Revision:
789e549dba Geometry Nodes: Tweak menu location of sample nodes
There was an inconsistency between geometry sample nodes and mesh/curve
sample nodes, where the latter didn't have a special "Sample" category,
and we categorized as "Operations", which they were not. Also put the
sample category between "Read" and "Write" since the verb name is
more consistent and sampling is an advanced form of reading.
06305e5ca8 Cleanup/refactor: split Edge and Vert Slide code into more specific functions
This makes the code more readable.

In this commit also the `int curr_side_unclamp` member was moved to
`EdgeSlideParams` as it is a common value for all "Containers".
62fc001979 Cleanup: silence warning
warning C4457: declaration of 'fac' hides function parameter
message : see declaration of 'fac'
1a13940ef8 Fix T88617: Wrong annotation cursor in Preview of sequencer editor
Allow preview region to change cursor as per the selected tool

Reviewed by: campbellbarton, ISS

Differential Revision:
b2196ebe28 Win32: Relax Debug Assert in BLI_file_attributes
If GetFileAttributesW returns an error, only debug assert if the reason
is file not found.

See D17204 for more details.

Differential Revision:

Reviewed by Ray Molenkamp
d6cd7d1138 WM: correct the return flag from wm_handler_fileselect_do
In the unlikely case an area could not be created OPERATOR_CANCELLED
was returned, this has the same value of WM_HANDLER_HANDLED however
break is logical in this situation and both flags work.
3d6ceb737d Geometry Nodes: parallelize part of Duplicate Elements node
This implements two optimizations:
* If the duplication count is constant, the offsets array can be
  filled directly in parallel.
* Otherwise, extracting the counts from the virtual array is parallelized.
  But there is still a serial loop over all elements in the end to compute
  the offsets.
501352ef05 Cleanup: Move PBVH files to C++
For continued refactoring of the Mesh data structure. See T103343.
b642dc7bc7 Fix: Incorrect forward-compatible saving of face sets
There were two errors with the function used to convert face sets
to the legacy mesh format for keeping forward compatibility:
- It was moved before `CustomData_blend_write_prepare` so it
  operated on an empty span.
- It modified the mesh when it's only supposed to change the copy
  of the layers written to the file.

Differential Revision:
d3949a4fdb Fix GHOST/Wayland thread-unsafe key-repeat timer checks
Resolve a thread safety issue reported by valgrind's helgrind checker,
although I wasn't able to redo the error in practice.

NULL check on the key-repeat timer also needs to lock, otherwise it's
possible the timer is set in another thread before the lock is acquired.

Now all key-repeat timer access which may run from a thread
locks the timer mutex before any checks or timer manipulation.
7de1a4d1d8 Fix GHOST/Wayland thread-unsafe timer-manager manipulation
Mutex locks for manipulating GHOST_System::m_timerManager from
GHOST_SystemWayland relied on WAYLAND being the only user of the

This isn't the case as timers are fired from

Resolve by using a separate timer-manager for wayland key-repeat timers.
329eeacc66 Cleanup: Cycles: Remove isotropic microfacet closure setup functions
Turns out these are 100% redundant, so get rid of them.
6d297c35c8 Fix T104371: GPencil merge down layer duplicates wrong frame
The merge down operator was sometimes copying the wrong frame, which altered the animation.
While merging the layers, it is sometimes needed to duplicate a keyframe,
when the lowest layer does not have a keyframe but the highest layer does.
Instead of duplicating the previous keyframe of the lowest layer, the code
was actually duplicating the active frame of the layer which was the current frame in the timeline.

This patch fixes the issue by setting the previous keyframe of the layer as its active frame before duplication.

Related issue: T104371.

Differential Revision:
0a3df611e7 Fix T103393: Cycles: Undefine __LIGHT_TREE__ on Metal/AMD to fix perf
This patch fixes T103393 by undefining `__LIGHT_TREE__` on Metal/AMD as it has an unexpected & major impact on performance even when light trees are not in use.

Patch authored by Prakash Kamliya.

Reviewed By: brecht

Maniphest Tasks: T103393

Differential Revision:
be0912a402 Cycles: Prevent use of both AMD and Intel Metal devices at same time
This patch removes the option to select both AMD and Intel GPUs on system that have both. Currently both devices will be selected by default which results in crashes and other poorly understood behaviour. This patch adds precedence for using any discrete AMD GPU over an integrated Intel one. This can be overridden with CYCLES_METAL_FORCE_INTEL.

Reviewed By: brecht

Differential Revision:
654e1e901b Cycles: Use local atomics for faster shader sorting (enabled on Metal)
This patch adds two new kernels: SORT_BUCKET_PASS and SORT_WRITE_PASS. These replace PREFIX_SUM and SORTED_PATHS_ARRAY on supported devices (currently implemented on Metal, but will be trivial to enable on the other backends). The new kernels exploit sort partitioning (see D15331) by sorting each partition separately using local atomics. This can give an overall render speedup of 2-3% depending on architecture. As before, we fall back to the original non-partitioned sorting when the shader count is "too high".

Reviewed By: brecht

Differential Revision:
7beb487e9a Fix T104353: Crash on opening sculpting template
`t->region` was `NULL`.

It can happen depending on the context.

Caused by rB19b63b932d2b.
4bd3b02984 Python: Suppress BGL deprecation messages after 100 times.
BGL deprecation calls used to be reported on each use. As bgl calls
are typically part of a handler that is triggered at refresh this
could lead to overflow of messages and slowing down systems when
the terminal/console had to be refreshed as well.

This patch only reports the first 100 bgl deprecation calls. This
gives enough feedback to the developer that changes needs to be made
. But still provides good responsiveness to users when they have
such add-on enabled. Only the first frames can have a slowdown.
f2538c7173 Fix T104335: MNEE + OptiX OSL results in illegal address error
The OptiX pipeline created for OSL was missing sufficient continuation
stack to handle the MNEE ray generation program.
deaddbdcff Fix forced snap status being removed when changing transform mode
The `SNAP_FORCED` setting is set to the operation and not the snap

Therefore, this option should not be cleared along with the other
statuses when resetting snapping.

Move then the location of this setting to `TransInfo::modifiers`.
cc623ee7b0 Transform: do not save settings when canceling the operation
If we are canceling, the settings must remain the same as before we
start the operation.
8adebaeb7c Modifiers: measure execution time and provide Python access
The goal is to give technical artists the ability to optimize modifier usage
and/or geometry node groups for performance. In the long term, it
would be useful if Blender could provide its own UI to display profiling
information to users. However, right now, there are too many open
design questions making it infeasible to tackle this in the short term.

This commit uses a simpler approach: Instead of adding new ui for
profiling data, it exposes the execution-time of modifiers in the Python
API. This allows technical artists to access the information and to build
their own UI to display the relevant information. In the long term this
will hopefully also help us to integrate a native ui for this in Blender
by observing how users use this information.

Note: The execution time of a modifier highly depends on what other
things the CPU is doing at the same time. For example, in many more
complex files, many objects and therefore modifiers are evaluated at
the same time by multiple threads which makes the measurement
much less reliable. For best results, make sure that only one object
is evaluated at a time (e.g. by changing it in isolation) and that no
other process on the system keeps the CPU busy.

As shown below, the execution time has to be accessed on the
evaluated object, not the original object.

import bpy
depsgraph = bpy.context.view_layer.depsgraph
ob = bpy.context.active_object
ob_eval = ob.evaluated_get(depsgraph)
modifier_eval = ob_eval.modifiers[0]
print(modifier_eval.execution_time, "s")

Differential Revision:
39e0bbfa55 BKE libquery: Add option to also process `ID.lib` pointer.
This was never needed before, but upcomming work for Brush Asset project
requires it.
9c14039a8f BLI ListBase: Add new 'SplitAfter' given link util.
Allows to easily split a ListBase by moving the part after given link
into a new ListBase.
c7b601c79e Cleanup: Subdiv: Use index instead of pointer
The edge pointer was retrieved from the index and then just
used to calculate the index again. Remove the edge pointer
and only use the index.
85b2bce037 BKE libremap: do not assert on identity pairs.
If identity pairs (i.e. old ID pointer being same as new one) was
forbidden, then this should be asserted against in code defining
remapping, not in code applying it.

But it is actually sometimes usefull to allow/use identity pairs, so
simply early-return on these instead of asserting.
288b13b252 BKE lib remapper: Add new util to overwrite an existing mapping.
Current `BKE_id_remapper_add` would not replace an already existing
mapping rule, now `BKE_id_remapper_add_overwrite` allows that behavior
if necessary.
a3551ed878 BKE main namemap: Add a way to clear all namemaps of a given Main.
Existing `BKE_main_namemap_destroy` is too specific when a entire Main
needs to have its namemaps cleared, since it would not handle the
Library ones.

While in regular situation current code is fine, ID management code that
may also edit linked data needs a wider, simpler clearing tool.
430cc9d7bf Fix T104381: Assert on Circle Select end modal
`em_setup_vivewcontext` cannot be used in this function now as it
expects `obedit` to be a mesh. It also duplicated the viewcontext init.
Instead `BKE_editmesh_from_object` is called only when type is a mesh.
2d994de77c Cycles: MetalRT optimisation for subsurface intersection queries
This patch optimises subsurface intersection queries on MetalRT. Currently intersect_local traverses from the scene root, retrospectively discarding all non-local hits. Using a lookup of bottom level acceleration structures, we can explicitly query only the relevant instance. On M1 Max, with MetalRT selected, this can give a render speedup of 15-20% for scenes like Monster which make heavy use of subsurface scattering.

Patch authored by Marco Giordano.

Reviewed By: brecht

Differential Revision:
75db4c082b Cleanup: Use BitVector instead of BLI_bitmap for subsurf face dot tags
For better type safety and more automatic memory management.
a38d99e0b2 Fix (unreported): Transform gizmo not restoring when changing mode
When activating a rotation with the Transform gizmo for example, some
gizmos are hidden but they don't reappear when changing the mode.

Make sure the gizmos corresponding to the mode always reappear.
d20f992322 Mesh: Avoid copying positions in object mode modifier stack
Remove the use of a separate contiguous positions array now that
they are stored that way in the first place. This allows removing the
complexity of tracking whether it is allocated and deformed in the
mesh modifier stack.

Instead of deferring the creation of the final mesh until after the
positions have been copied and deformed, create the final mesh
first and then deform its positions.

Since vertex and face normals are calculated lazily, we can rely on
individual modifiers to calculate them as necessary and simplify
the modifier stack. This was hard to change before because of the
separate array of deformed positions.

Differential Revision:
8be3fcab7e Fix tests after recent commit.
`9c14039a8f4b5f` broke blenlib tests in release builds, due to how
`EXPECT_BLI_ASSERT` works (in release builds it just calls the given
function, so if that crashes then the test fails).

For now remove that check in the test.
b0b9e746fa BLI: Use BLI_math_matrix_type.hh instead of BLI_math_float4x4.hh
Straightforward port. I took the oportunity to remove some C vector
functions (ex: copy_v2_v2).

This makes some changes to DRWView to accomodate the alignement
requirements of the float4x4 type.
6dcfb6df9c Cycles: Abstract host memory fallback for GPU devices
Host memory fallback in CUDA and HIP devices is almost identical.
We remove duplicated code and create a shared generic version that
other devices (oneAPI) will be able to use.

Reviewed By: brecht

Differential Revision:
d3500c482f Cleanup: Move DRW_pbvh.h header to C++
For continued refactoring of the Mesh data structure. See T103343.
f152159101 Metal: Guard advanced command buffer debugging behind OS version flag.
Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

Ref T96261

Reviewed By: fclem

Maniphest Tasks: T96261

Differential Revision:
8703db393b Metal: Ensure explicit return after discard to eliminate differences in behaviour between GPUs.
Discard is not always treated as an explicit return and flow control can continue for required derivative calculations. This behaviour is different in Metal vs OpenGL. Adding return after discards ensures consistency in expectation as behaviour is well-defined.

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

Ref T96261

Reviewed By: fclem

Maniphest Tasks: T96261

Differential Revision:
af5706c960 Docs: improve doc-string for WM_operator_flag_only_pass_through_on_press
The doc-string didn't provide any context for how the funciton is
intended to be used.
e27c89c7c7 Docs: added missing documentation for `WindowManager` methods
Added missing documentation for `draw_cursor_add` and
`draw_cursor_remove` methods for `WindowManager`.

Differential Revision:
dbca0cc9d5 Fix crash on exit under Wayland
Order of free error from [0] caused the timer manager
to be freed before the timer.

[0]: 7de1a4d1d8
622cad7073 Cleanup: minor tweak to recent fix for T10438
Minor change to [0], prefer calling em_setup_viewcontext,
even though there is no functional difference at the moment,
if this function ever performs additional operations than assigning
`ViewContext.em`, it would have to be manually in-lined in

[0]: 430cc9d7bf
7e8153b07d Keymap: support default shortcut to toggle overlays in all space-types
UV Editor, Image Editor & Sequencer didn't have a shortcut for toggling
overlays. Use the same shortcut as the 3D viewport.

Ref D16959
2609ca2b8e Cleanup: tweaks to cycles/metal preferences
- Auto-format.
- Use raw string for regex.
- Remove redundant assignment.
- Remove duplicate arm64 check.
- Break early out of loop.
Julien Kaspar added the
Sculpt, Paint & Texture
label 2023-02-08 09:32:39 +01:00
Julien Kaspar added the
label 2023-02-08 09:36:23 +01:00
Julien Kaspar added this to the Sculpt, Paint & Texture project 2023-02-08 09:43:36 +01:00
Julien Kaspar removed this from the Sculpt, Paint & Texture project 2023-02-08 10:07:23 +01:00
Joseph Eagar added 1 commit 2023-02-10 00:51:17 +01:00
Julien Kaspar requested changes 2023-02-10 12:43:12 +01:00
Julien Kaspar left a comment

There still were some requested changes for this patch:

  • There are noticeable breaks in the texture along the stroke.
    This happens frequently with a smooth falloff.
    Fixing this for other falloff and hardness could be a future improvement too.
  • The overlay should follow the style of the "Stabilize Stroke" setting.
    It should also only be visible whenever the stroke isn't applied on the surface yet.
  • The stroke is never properly concluded up to the boundary.
    Once the stroke continues on the mesh the stroke will jump to that point instead of starting anew.

  • Performance is also quite worse than regular textured strokes. Even a slower stroke does not fully help avoiding this.
    This should be fixed, or at least optimized after committing to master.

On a broader level there were these comments from @HooglyBoogly

  • There needs to be some collaboration and discussion if the existing curve/Bezier code needs to be changed.
  • paint_stroke.c should me moved to C++ in a separate commit
There still were some requested changes for this patch: * [ ] There are noticeable breaks in the texture along the stroke. This happens frequently with a smooth falloff. Fixing this for other falloff and hardness could be a future improvement too. <img src= "/attachments/49a4bb6d-34db-45aa-a568-c0f0401ae171" width="400"> * [ ] The overlay should follow the style of the "Stabilize Stroke" setting. It should also only be visible whenever the stroke isn't applied on the surface yet. <img src= "/attachments/6eb0acaf-615a-4676-8c83-aa68a50926c7" width="400"> * [ ] The stroke is never properly concluded up to the boundary. Once the stroke continues on the mesh the stroke will jump to that point instead of starting anew. * [ ] Performance is also quite worse than regular textured strokes. Even a slower stroke does not fully help avoiding this. This should be fixed, or at least optimized after committing to master. ---- On a broader level there were these comments from @HooglyBoogly * [ ] There needs to be some collaboration and discussion if the existing curve/Bezier code needs to be changed. * [x] `paint_stroke.c` should me moved to C++ in a separate commit
Joseph Eagar added 1 commit 2023-02-11 21:54:21 +01:00
9095853be5 Cleanup: Move 6 sculpt-session-related files and header to C++
To allow further mesh data structure refactoring. See #103343

Pull Request #104540
Joseph Eagar added 1 commit 2023-02-23 17:49:19 +01:00
Joseph Eagar added 1 commit 2023-03-08 01:25:16 +01:00
Brecht Van Lommel changed title from temp-sculpt-roll-mapping to Sculpt: roll curve texture mapping 2023-03-10 13:24:45 +01:00
Joseph Eagar added 1 commit 2023-04-17 00:10:07 +02:00
Julien Kaspar added a new dependency 2023-05-08 12:10:35 +02:00
Julien Kaspar removed a dependency 2023-05-08 12:10:56 +02:00


Hans Goudey was requested for review 2023-02-08 03:09:28 +01:00
Julien Kaspar requested changes 2023-02-10 12:43:12 +01:00
This pull request has changes conflicting with the target branch.
  • source/blender/editors/sculpt_paint/paint_intern.h
  • source/blender/editors/sculpt_paint/
  • source/blender/editors/sculpt_paint/
  • source/blender/makesdna/DNA_texture_types.h
  • source/blender/makesrna/intern/rna_brush.c
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