Cycles: new Microfacet-based Hair BSDF with elliptical cross-section support #105600

Weizhen Huang merged 114 commits from weizhen/blender:microfacet_hair into main 2023-08-18 12:46:20 +02:00
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@ -694,9 +694,7 @@ ccl_device int bsdf_microfacet_hair_sample(const KernelGlobals kg,
const float3 wtr = -reflect(wt, wh2);
float3 wh3;
float3 wtt, wtrt;
float3 wmtr, wmtr_;
float3 wh3, wtt, wtrt, wmtr;
float3 TT = zero_float3();
float3 TRT = zero_float3();