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Germano Cavalcante 1979bd6902 WM: don't skip AutoSave if modal operator is 'fileselect'
AutoSave is skipped if we have a file select handle open.

But a user could inadvertently minimize the window from that handle,
causing AutoSave to no longer work.

So skip this case of skipping AutoSave.

That's a shot in the dark.

Commit cb8f7fd385 implemented the following behavior for AutoSave:
- Autosave is postponed by 10 seconds when a modal operator is running, e.g. transform or file browsing.

But it's not clear why or which state is not safe for AutoSave.

Those conditions that skip AutoSave could be causing inconveniences that are hard to track down. It is possible for example that it is the cause commented on blender/blender#107421 (comment)

That's why this PR proposes to be a little less strict for cases of skipping  AutoSave.
2023-05-02 12:48:34 -03:00
.gitea Gitea: update bug report template for security policy 2023-04-11 12:14:01 +02:00
.github Docs: change Git URLs to point projects.blender.org instead of git.blender.org 2023-02-07 14:23:05 +01:00
build_files Deps: Updating to Open PGL 0.5.0 2023-04-29 12:58:08 +02:00
doc Docs: note that renaming data-blocks sorted them which impacts iteration 2023-04-21 20:36:29 +10:00
extern HIP: hipew and build system updates for new APIs, including HIP-RT 2023-04-25 20:19:43 +02:00
intern Refactor: Convert ImBuf to C++ 2023-05-02 11:32:27 +02:00
locale I18N: Updated UI translations from svn trunk (r6490). 2023-04-28 19:51:22 +02:00
release Fix snap package failing to launch on some systems after core20 update 2023-04-25 15:50:26 +02:00
scripts WM: avoid Python exceptions in poll functions 2023-04-30 15:08:26 +10:00
source WM: don't skip AutoSave if modal operator is 'fileselect' 2023-05-02 12:48:34 -03:00
tests Cleanup: format 2023-05-02 08:41:10 +10:00
tools Cleanup: spelling in comments 2023-04-28 12:23:29 +10:00
.clang-format clang-format: set BraceWrapping::AfterControlStatement to "MultiLine" 2023-05-02 09:37:08 +10:00
.clang-tidy Clang-tidy: Ignore variable name length and .c/.cc include warnings 2022-05-06 15:26:54 +02:00
.editorconfig pyproject: add configuration for autopep8 2022-04-22 10:13:39 +10:00
.git-blame-ignore-revs Cleanup: git-blame-ignore-revs: Update policy & commits 2021-01-29 13:20:32 +05:30
.gitignore Ignore build files for VS and VS Code 2023-03-07 17:38:34 +01:00
CMakeLists.txt Fix strict warnings in external code 2023-04-28 12:14:14 +02:00
GNUmakefile Build: remove smatch, sparse & splint checking scripts 2023-04-21 23:32:55 +10:00
README.md Update references to the new projects platform and main branch 2023-02-07 14:18:19 +01:00
make.bat make.bat: adjust for recent submodule changes 2023-03-16 17:51:12 -06:00
pyproject.toml pyproject: remove tools/pyproject.toml 2023-03-01 22:18:28 +11:00



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