Blender Projects

Welcome to the Blender Projects portal! This is where all the official initiatives are coordinated and managed. Read on to find out how to get involved, report bugs, see what's happening, and discover resources and documentation.

This portal hosts more than just the Blender sources, bug and patch tracker. Explore the other repositories and get involved!

Ongoing Projects

Project Description Status
Brush Assets Unified, flexible brush management. Feedback Wanted
EEVEE Next Next generation of the viewport renderer. Feedback Wanted
Extensions Online and offline management of add-ons and themes. Feedback Wanted
Grease Pencil v3 Improved workflows for 2D design and animation. Under Development
Layered Animation Part of the new animation system roadmap. Under Development
Sculpting Improvements Address technical debt and solve existing multires limitations. Under Development


The main repository for Blender's code and all its branches.

User Manual

The official Blender manual, with references and examples.


Free and open source render management software.

Release Status

Current and upcoming versions