Jaume Bellet JaumeBellet


I'm located in Catalonia.

I have been working as Freelance, since 2010, beeing always related to industrial machinery development, since 2002.

I started doing CAD drawings in Autocad (2D) that were stored in paper (pencil drawn), and making a DB parts in Excel. I had acknowledgements of 3D, because i was interest on it also the project at the end of University which was on Inventor 6.0 (!) I Studied Mechanical Engineering.

Later I started to work on some designs, based on existing ones. Also I started going to trade fairs as visitor, travelling over Europe. Also I travelled for working purposes.

From child I always liked computer related things, and I got a really good programming skills. I take interest on machine programming, and start making small moves from mechanical design to electro-mechanical designs, at the same change that mechanical assemblies were changing to electrical parts giving much more versatility.

Nowadays i've a large background in mechanical assemblies, participating in desing meettings and dedicions, but dedicating most of time to software development

I'm here because I Really like Blender philosophy, I've learned a lot of it, and would like to have Blender as a main software for CAD development over an open software plataform.