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Michael Parkin-White wants to merge 17 commits from Fix_105606_MetalTextureUploadRegression into Fix_103605_MetalBarycentrics

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Michael Parkin-White added 11 commits 2023-03-14 12:10:27 +01:00
In most places where it appears in a menu, the operator would already
apply to all selected F-Curves. Now it is done consistently and explicitly
from all menu items. The default of the operator is now also set to 'all
selected', so that it also behaves like that when called from the operator
search menu.
Issue was that the clamping parameters were not in
the correct order. This leads to undefined behavior
and also lead to small artifacts on other platforms.

Pull Request: blender/blender#105735
The active frame is pasted always, so if multiframe is
copying the strokes don't need copy the active frame again.

Pull Request: blender/blender#105605
The created point hasn't a original point in the original stroke, so
must use only the valid points.

Pull Request: blender/blender#105627
One of the advantages of separating this enum member from the others is
because mixing several members in a single one hinders debugging since
in this case the IDE does not define which enums were set.

Also separating this item makes it more readable as `SCE_SNAP_MODE_GEOM`
is not a snap mode but a combination of modes.
This is a non-recent regression that strangely went unreported.

It is expected that when snapping, only visible elements are considered
which does not include faces in wireframe mode.

This works like this before, and this change doesn't appear to have
been intentional.

Ref #105664
- update function passed DriverVar to
  BKE_driver_invalidate_expression as a ChannelDriver.

- update function passed DriverTarget to
  BKE_driver_invalidate_expression as a ChannelDriver.

- DriverVariable.type update function DriverVar accessed ChannelDriver,
  clearing a flag.

This was exposed by [0] however this issue existed beforehand.

[0]: c26566ad27
The BPyBMesh in `BMesh::py_handle` was invalidated but not cleared,
causing future access to return a 'dead' bmesh.
Now only dynamic function parameters that use ParameterDynAlloc support
dynamically sized parameters arrays.

Add tests for both dynamic arrays that don't support resizing
(Image.pixels) and dynamic sized arguments using

Regression in [0] which extended support for dynamic sized function

[0]: dfb8c5974e
Fix support for Wireframe and parametric nodes by resolving
compilation failures surrounding barycentric coordinates.
A final missing part of the Metal implementation for barycentric
coordinates was missing.

Feedback also addressed to move barycentric calculation out
of code-gen and into surface_lib.

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

This also resolves #103606.
Ref #96261

Pull Request: blender/blender#105740
immDrarPixels performs significantly slower in OpenGL
than Metal. This was caused by two main factors. Firstly,
the additional overhead of tiled texture update, where all
memory needed to be kept in flight for each update, but
caused update to take a slow path. Avoidng tile update
with Metal is more efficient for both memory pressure
and GPU pipelining.

Secondly, on AMD platforms, the staging buffer used
for temporary texture data was page-faulting when
several texture updates would occur within one frame.
This is due to liimtations of allocating one large contiguous
memory chunk. Using the Metal buffer pool for staging
data is more efficient.

Authored by Apple: Michael Parkin-White

Ref #96261
Michael Parkin-White deleted branch Fix_105606_MetalTextureUploadRegression 2023-03-14 12:12:20 +01:00
Michael Parkin-White deleted branch Fix_105606_MetalTextureUploadRegression 2023-03-14 20:44:13 +01:00

Pull request closed

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