Make update: Use BKE_blender_version to detect release branches #104875

Sergey Sharybin merged 1 commits from Sergey/blender:make_update33 into blender-v3.3-release 2023-02-17 14:17:44 +01:00

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Sergey Sharybin 7b86fca588 Make update: Use BKE_blender_version to detect release branches
On a user level there are no expected changes, other than being able
to update submodules and libraries from a main repository at a detached
HEAD situation (which did not work before).

On the infrastructure level of things this moves us closer to ability
to use the main for the buildbot update-code stage, and
to remove the update-code section from the pipeline_config.yaml.

The initial idea of switching make_update to the pipeline config did
not really work, causing duplicated work done on blender side and the
buildbot side. Additionally, it is not easy to switch
to use pipeline_config.yaml because the YAML parser is not included
into default package of Python.

There will be few more steps of updates to this script before we can
actually clean-up the pipeline_config: the changes needs to be also
applied on the buildbot side to switch it to the actual make_update.

Switching buildbot to the official allows to much more
easily apply the submodules change as per #104573.
2023-02-17 13:51:00 +01:00