Make update: Fixes for blender 3.3 release branch #104878

Sergey Sharybin merged 3 commits from Sergey/blender:buildbot_293 into blender-v2.93-release 2023-02-17 15:24:50 +01:00

3 Commits

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Sergey Sharybin b5cf1c78a3 Make update: Allow amd64 architecture
Apparently, the 64bit Intel architecture is presented differently
on Linux and Windows.

Allow both variants for the command line, so that semantically the
command line argument can be seen as a lower case platform.machine.
2023-02-17 15:15:32 +01:00
Sergey Sharybin 6af531d552 Make update: Add --architecture command line attribute
Possible values are x86_64 and arm64.

Allows to use in a cross-compile environment, like
building x86_64 macOS Blender from Apple Silicon machine.

Pull Request #104863
2023-02-17 15:15:22 +01:00
Sergey Sharybin b9a6c3c054 Make update: Add new style command line for Linux libraries
It is not possible to know from the Buildbot which style to use
when building patches. So use the new style as an alias.
2023-02-17 15:13:50 +01:00