WIP: Snapping & precision modeling improvements #105941

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8b5f6d36e1 Transform: Snap to Grid in Perspective View performed at ground level
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buildbot/vexp-code-patch-coordinator Build done.
Suggested in #73993.
2023-05-19 22:34:46 -03:00
519bbdccee Transform: Support 'Snap with' options for Snap to Grid
Suggested in #73993
2023-05-19 22:34:46 -03:00
f92dff0735 Transform: Make 'Absolute Grid Snapping' a new Snap Mode
Suggested in #73993.

The old "Absolute Grid Snap" option has been removed.
2023-05-19 22:34:46 -03:00
93d33ce027 Transform: interactive mode for editing a 'Snap Source'
Implements new modifier key ({key B}) to change the snap origin point during a transformation.

Ref #66484

- The feature is only available in 3D View.
- The feature is only available for `Move`, `Rotate` and `Scale` transform modes.
- The 'snap source edit' is enabled while we are transforming and we press {key B}
- The 'snap source edit' is confirmed when we press any of the keys: {key B}, {key LMB}, {key Enter}
- During a transformation, if no snap target is set for an element in the scene (Vertex, Grid...), the snap targets to geometry Vertex, Edge, Face, Center of Edge and Perpendicular of Edge are set automatically.
- Snap cannot be turned off during the snap source editing.
- Constraint or similar modification features are not available during the snap source editing.
- Text input is not available during the snap source editing.
- When adding multiple snap points (A) the new prone snap source point is indicated with an small cursor drawing.


2023-05-19 22:34:46 -03:00