Add option to install copyright.txt #108191

Sergey Sharybin merged 2 commits from Sergey/blender:copyright-install into blender-v3.6-release 2023-05-24 10:07:26 +02:00

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Sergey Sharybin 2bc75277a1 Revert unintended whitespace change 2023-05-23 16:37:25 +02:00
Sergey Sharybin 0739e52d7d Add option to install copyright.txt
The file is specific for the builds created by the Blender Foundation
and strictly speaking should only be used by builds created on our
release environment.

This change introduces a CMake option which is disabled by default and
which will be enabled on our buildbot.

Ref #107295
2023-05-23 16:02:07 +02:00