Anim: Align new bones with the world axes #113138

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e31989a726 Anim: align bone with world Y in Armature Edit mode
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buildbot/vexp-code-patch-coordinator Build done.
Pressing Shift+A (Add > Single Bone) in Armature Edit mode will now
align the bone with the world Y-axis instead of the Z-axis. This makes
the bone's axes align with the world axes (instead of aligning bone-Y
with world-Z).

This only applies when using 'Align To: World' in the Editing
preferences. 'Align To: View' still behaves as before, and 'Align To: 3D
Cursor' behaves like 'World' because that option was never handled
2023-10-02 11:04:31 +02:00
1d896dfb63 Anim: Align the bone of 'Shift-A > Armature' with the Y-axis
Align the default bone that's added to the Armature you get with
'Shift-A > Armature' to the Y-axis. When the alignment is set to 'World'
this will actually align the bone's axes with the world axes.

Note that the 'View' alignment option already aligned the bone along the
Y-axis, so the code has been simplified a bit.
2023-10-02 10:32:20 +02:00