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Blender Development Fund


Recommended for local development:

virtualenvwrapper adds commands for naming, creating, listing, activating and deactivating Python virtualenvs, which makes it much easier to work on various Python projects.

If you prefer not to use it, any other way of creating a virtualenv or venv will do.

Setting up

Make a copy of example settings first:

cp blender_fund/ blender_fund/

Initialise the submodule included into this repo:

git submodule update --init

To create a new Blender Development Fund database, run this as the PostgreSQL root user:

CREATE USER blender_fund CREATEDB PASSWORD 'blender_fund';
CREATE DATABASE blender_fund OWNER blender_fund;
CREATE SCHEMA blender_fund;
GRANT ALL ON schema blender_fund TO blender_fund;

and change blender_fund to a random password that you also store in the file. Alternatively, change the password using:

ALTER ROLE blender_fund WITH PASSWORD 'new_password';

In case of production, omit CREATEDB and make sure that both postgres and blender_fund users have secure hard to guess passwords set.

While inside project's directory, run the following to install project dependencies. Note that path to python3.10 binary might differ in your OS, adjust the mkvirtualenv command accordingly:

mkvirtualenv fund -a `pwd` -p /usr/bin/python3.10
pip install poetry==1.4.2
poetry install
./ migrate
./ loaddata systemuser devfund default_site
./ collectmedia --noinput
./ runserver 8010
./ createsuperuser

The last command creates an admin account that can be used to log in at http://fund.local:8010/admin/.

Working with virtualenvwrapper

In addition to mkvirtualenv mentioned above, the following commands are useful:

  • use workon fund to go to Fund's project directory and activate its virtualenv;
  • use deactivate to "exit" it;
  • use lsvirtualenv to list existing virtualenvs;
  • use rmvirtualenv fund to delete Fund's virtualenv.


We use Wagtail as CMS for providing access to dynamic content of the website, such as page titles, calls to action, or entire pages. The CMS is accessible at the /cms endpoint.

Note: we are currently using a development version of Wagtail, therefore we need to build the static assets for the package ourselves. Check the warning in the startup log for more info on how to do it.

Stripe integration

TODO improve this section.

Follow the official guide for setting up Stripe CLI:

Webhook testing

Run a local listener that will make webhook requests to your development server:

stripe listen --forward-to fund.local:8010/webhooks/stripe/

Run background tasks that are created by the webhook code:

./ process_tasks


cd docs
poetry run mkdocs serve -a localhost:8080


Run poetry run py.test to run the unit tests.

By default we use the --reuse-db option to speed up subsequent test runs. However, this skips the database migrations; add --create-db on the CLI to recreate the test database and run all the migrations.


The GeoIP database was downloaded from GeoLite2-Country


  • Merge the required commits from master into production branch
  • Run unittests
  • Push production to origin
  • Run cd playbooks; ./ -i environment/production deploy.yaml