A visual production tracking tool. https://watchtower.blender.org/
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Interactive film production management tool. Watchtower allows you to see the big picture of a short film or episode and unpack as much information as needed, down to the duration of a shot and assets used in it. All in the space of one screen.
Read the announcement on studio.blender.org. Keep up to date at watchtower.blender.org. See the Live Demo.


  • Grid view for shots and assets with grouping and filtering tools
  • Timeline showing individual shots as well as task statuses and asset casting
  • Video player for preview of the edit export
  • Detail view for the current shot and sequence
  • Production tracking tool agnostic (fetch data once, store as static JSON files)
  • Read-only, no-authentication

Setup Guide

You can deploy Watchtower in your pipeline by following the instructions in pipeline/README.

Development Guide

Contributions to Watchtower are welcome! Check out docs/develop-client-web or docs/develop-pipeline for info on how to get started.