Fix: USD Import: set active mesh color #105907

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Michael Kowalski 04160c4d4d USD import fix: set active mesh color.
Fixed a bug where the active color wasn't being set
on imported meshes, resulting in no colors displaying
in the viewport.

This bug has been in the code for a long time. However,
the colors have been displaying correctly until recently,
so this issue wasn't previously apparent.

Also, changed custom color data name from "displayColors"
to "displayColor", to match the actual USD primvar name.
(This was a typo in the original code.)

Note that pull request


addresses other issues in the color import code (e.g.,
converting all color primvars and not just "displayColor",
avoiding hard-coding of attribute names, handling all
iterpolation types, etc.).

However, the current commit is meant as a short term fix
to a regression, where the "displayColor" attribute does
not render in the viewport at all, until the above pull
can be merged.
2023-03-19 19:44:17 -04:00