Atomic Blender PDB/XYZ Add-on
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Atomic Blender PDB/XYZ Add-on

This add-on was part of Blender 4.1 bundled add-ons and is now available as an extension on the Extensions platform.

The Atomic Blender (PDB/XYZ) add-on imports atomic structures (molecules, crystals, clusters, particles, surfaces, etc.), which are described in PDB (.pdb) and XYZ files (.xyz) (Section Import PDB/XYZ). The add-on reads the coordinates of all atoms in the PDB/XYZ file and represents the atoms as balls in the Blender world. Also the sticks, which are described in PDB files only, are shown if the sticks are explicitly listed in the PDB file. For more information see the Wiki page.


Speed advantage

Thanks to the Blender specific method called instancing vertices structure, which is used to build an atomic structure, the speed of the loading and the general handling of an atomic structure inside the Blender 3D View is quite fast. Atomic structures with 1000 atoms and much more can be easily handled.

This add-on is offered as it is and maintaned by the community.