I18n: disambiguate and extract a few messages #111146

Bastien Montagne merged 3 commits from pioverfour/blender:dp_disambiguate into main 2023-09-04 16:16:36 +02:00

3 Commits

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Damien Picard 24115db19d Disambiguate "Language" with new Python console context
buildbot/vexp-code-patch-coordinator Build done. Details
2023-09-04 14:58:45 +02:00
Damien Picard 88af54e822 Replace Preferences context with WindowManager 2023-09-04 14:12:42 +02:00
Damien Picard cabc4aa3a5 I18n: disambiguate and extract a few messages
This commit disambiguates the following messages:

- Sequencer effect strip types: use "Sequence" context in relevant
  places, as that is already extracted as part of the
  `sequencer_prop_effect_types` enum, and more specific.
- "Language" (a natural or programming language)
- "Flat" (gender)
- "Smooth" (action or amount -- very partial disambiguation for now
  because this is all over the place)

It also extracts these messages:

- Newly created Freestyle data
  - LineStyle
  - LineSet
  - Modifiers
- "Registering panel class:" error message from RNA registration
- "Node must be run as tool" error message from tool geometry nodes
2023-09-03 19:10:53 +02:00