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This project includes low-level modules at the core of Blender: DNA & RNA, .blend file format, undo system, core kernel code (ID management), Linking/Appending/Overrides of external data, the windowmanager and editors design, and general support libraries.


The module is active. There is regular work on new features and improvements. You can see active tasks on the workboard. If you want to get involved, contact us (info below).


Module owners: @mont29, @brecht, @ideasman42, @Sergey

Members: @JacquesLucke, @dr.sybren, @Jeroen-Bakker

Sub-project Developers
Blender Read & Write File @mont29
Append & Link & Overrides @mont29
Data-Blocks Management @mont29
Dependency Graph @Sergey, @dr.sybren, @JacquesLucke
DNA & RNA @ideasman42, @mont29, @brecht
Undo @ideasman42
Global Undo (aka. memfile undo) @mont29
Images & Movies @brecht, @Jeroen-Bakker, @Sergey



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