6 Module: User Interface
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This project includes user interface, Window Manager, UI drawing, internationalization, tools & operators, Outliner and more.


The module in maintenance mode. UI work necessary for the roadmaps of other projects and modules is still being done. There is not much capacity to review community contributions. Experienced designers are needed.


Module owner: None

Coordinator: @JulianEisel

Core UI team: @brecht @HooglyBoogly @harley @ideasman42 @JulianEisel @natecraddock @pablovazquez @jenkm

Subproject Developers
Window Manager @brecht @ideasman42 @JulianEisel
Drawing & OpenGL @fclem
Internationalization @mont29
Tools & Operators @ideasman42 @JulianEisel
Outliner @JulianEisel @natecraddock