14 Module: Animation & Rigging
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This project includes the graph editor, dopespheet editor, NLA editor, keyframes, drivers, constraints, armatures, and more.


The module is working on Animation 2025, as well as polishing existing features and resolving bugs.

Systems in 'Maintenance Mode'

These parts of the animation system are considered to be in 'maintenance mode'. They will not get new features. Bugs may be fixed if they do not require too much of a restructuring of the code.


Module owner: @dr.sybren

Developers: @angavrilov, @amelief, @chrislend, @cmbasnett, @nrupsis, @PaoloAcampora, @dr.sybren, @nathanvegdahl

Artists: @BassamKurdali, @BClark, @zanqdo, @Mets, @hjalti, @JasonSchleifer, @jpbouza-4, @LucianoMunoz, @EosFoxx

Subproject Developers
Animation Editors & Tools @angavrilov, @chrislend, @dr.sybren, @sergey
Inverse Kinematics @brecht
Constraints @angavrilov
Non-Linear Animation (NLA) Editor


  • #animation-module on blender.chat.
  • Forum with meeting agenda/notes and some other topics. There is also a meeting calendar.
  • Bug reports and patches are to be tagged with 'module > Animation & Rigging'